Project Kino: Senior Film Screening

Presented as part of the Persistence of Vision (POV) Film Festival
May 2, 2013, 7:00–9:00 pm
Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus

Reception from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Production Stage (in the Nave) (light refreshments will be served; Q&A with seniors following screening)
Free and open to the public


Presented as part of the Film Program's inaugural Persistence of Vision (POV) Film Festival, "Project Kino" is the name of this year's senior Film screening, which features narrative film, experimental, music video, and a sound piece, and will include several first-time screenings of senior student work. Many films were completed with the help from Film students.

Sudi Wachpress (aka "Spaceghost") will have a DJ set, playing songs that he created for a couple films with some other tunes that he's created.

Featured Films

Work Progressed

Directed by Nicolas Collins, the piece is about cinema and how people build relationships around it. It is also about movies, making movies (on an art school budget), and film criticism -- while also being aware that it is all happening within a film.

Rust, A Story of Survival

Directed by Will Giovi, this film about a science-fiction short-film set in the not-so-distant future. One robot, programmed for use in modern civilization, is stuck deep within a forest in nature. Without the tools to survive, he struggles to overcome the elements to return home to his family.

Curiosity Kills

Directed by Christina Chavez, this film captures a day in the life of a skilled assassin as she tracks and kills her target, only to find herself in someone else's crosshairs.

Get a Grip

Directed by Avery Clifton, the piece is a music video based on a breakup that becomes a surreal dream.

No Ambition

Directed by Eric Lee, this is a film about a man who is engulfed in loss and grief over his wife. In his attempts to overcome, he soon realizes -- beyond his wildest expectations -- that such a task is quite impossible to conceive. What form does consolation take under the influence of human longing?

Under Wraps

Directed by Ines Chan, this film depicts a family reunion gone wrong when Josh introduces his parents to a surprise guest.

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