IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards: Team Finalist Presentations

Keynote address by guest juror and CCA alumnus Jon Rubin
April 9, 2013, 7:00–9:00 pm
Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus

Free and open to the public

Info: 510.594.3757

Please join California College of the Arts and the Center for Art and Public Life for the third annual IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards finalist team presentations, including the announcement of the winning teams, and a keynote lecture by guest juror and CCA alumnus Jon Rubin (MFA Painting/Drawing 1993).

After the lecture, the finalists under consideration for an IMPACT Award will give presentations to the audience and a panel of judges. The judges will quickly retire to deliberate, and at the end of the evening they will announce the winning teams and their award amounts.

The awarded projects will each receive up to $10,000. All of them must emphasize interdisciplinary engagement, social entrepreneurship, and collaborative relationships with community partners, and they must have a detailed action plan to execute their summer 2013 project that supports social and humanitarian goals.

2013 IMPACT Finalist Teams


Quesada Gardens Initiative, San Francisco
Emily Falk (BArch), Francis Silagon (BArch), Madeleine Maguire (Graphic Design), Ashley Jobe (DMBA), Daniel Bouthot (MFA Social Practice), Dave Tipton (MFA/DMBA)

The (Myco)mmunity team is partnering with the Quesada Gardens Initiative to implement through education, sustainable design, and agriculture an innovative urban-empowerment project that will strengthen community in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.

Alemany Outdoor Community Kitchen

Alemany Farms, San Francisco
Alex DeCicco (BArch), Hugh Vanho (BArch), Eric Rogers (BArch), Alan Hayes (BArch), May Ching (Graphic Design), Sara Schneider (BArch)

Working with San Francisco’s largest food-production site, Alemany Farms, Community Kitchen will build an outdoor kitchen structure to benefit the over 2,500 visitors and volunteer workers. An on-site kitchen will allow Alemany Farms the ability to include culinary education as part of their larger environmental education program, showing how food travels from the farm to the table.

IMPACT: Pushing Margins

Pushing Margins, Oakland
Esteban Partida Ayala (Painting/Drawing), Esra Canogullari, (Individualized Major), Morell Cutler (Painting/Drawing)

The team will work with Pushing Margins to design and implement outreach workshops that make art accessible to youth in local gay-straight alliances (GSAs) at East Bay high schools. During a week-long summer camp, 20 high school students will explore their individual identities and experiences related to their race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, religion, and nationality.


Rock Paper Scissors, Oakland
Christie Brashers (Industrial Design), Eden Pieper (Photography), Eileena Long, (Community Arts), Kelly Kusumoto, (Graphic Design), Tanika Thacker, (MFA Program in Writing), Taylor Rogalski, (Interaction Design)

Recycl-IN aims to connect independent recyclers with a network of small businesses, increasing access to recyclables in downtown Oakland. Rock Paper Scissors will guide and consult Recycl-IN about the local community by addressing the needs of the recyclers and identifying the small businesses to work with on the project.


Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, Kingston, Jamaica
Kristina Kotlier (MArch), Raine Paulson-Andrews (MArch), Frances Reid (MArch)
Roberto Gomez Hernandez (MFA/MA Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies)

STAND UP is a social-media campaign to create an active community for LGBTQ rights in the most homophobic country in the western hemisphere. In collaboration with the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) and its underground counterpart, the Jamaica Form for Lesbians, All-Sexuals & Gays (JFLAG), STAND UP will launch the first international campaign to create an active network between LGBTQ Jamaicans and their allies.

Team Escalar: Embracing Local Solutions

Alter Terra and Project Concern International (PCI): Project Concern International, Los Laureles Canyon, Tijuana, Mexico
Isaac Buwembo (MBA in Design Strategy), Maria Paula Navia (MBA in Design Strategy), Payal Patel (MBA in Design Strategy),
Mariana Quiroga (MBA in Design Strategy)

In collaboration with Alter Terra and Project Concern International, Team Escalar aims to improve the quality of life in low-income, environmentally threatened neighborhoods in the Tijuana River watershed, turning them into safe, healthful, productive, and empowered communities by increasing sustainable disaster-prevention businesses.

About the 2013 IMPACT Jury

Keynote Speaker Jon Rubin

CCA alumnus Jon Rubin (MFA Painting/Drawing 1993) creates interventions into public life that reinvent social and political conditions and create new platforms for agency, participation, and exchange.

Rubin's projects include running a barter-based nomadic art school, operating a restaurant that produces a live talk show with its customers, and running another restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict.

He has exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA); the Mercosul Biennial, Brazil; the Shanghai Biennial; the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver); The Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, New York (CCS Bard); the Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico; the Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Sweden; Parkinggallery, Tehran; as well as in backyards, living rooms, and street corners.

He is currently short-listed for the International Award for Participatory Art.

Amy Campos

CCA faculty member Amy Campos is a practicing architect and designer. She is an assistant professor in Interior Design, Architecture, and the Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies.

Her work spans a variety of scales and platforms, from urban to architectural and interiors to object and furniture design, and focuses on critical issues of durability and design, with an emphasis on full-scale installation and

Campos is a LEED-accredited registered architect. She received her master of science in advanced architectural design from Columbia University and a bachelor of architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Tom DeCaigny

Tom DeCaigny is the director of cultural affairs at the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC). He previously served nine years as executive director of Performing Arts Workshop, a San Francisco-based organization dedicated to helping marginalized young persons develop critical thinking, creative expression, and basic learning skills through the arts.

Prior to his role as executive director, DeCaigny managed the workshop’s Robeson and Rivera Academy, an arts-intensive middle school and treatment program for repeat juvenile offenders.

He has also managed the AIDS Memorial Quilt’s National Youth Education Program, served as director of actor training for the University of Minnesota’s Adolescent Actors Teaching Project, and conducted research for the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.

DeCaigny has appeared on CNN International and was invited to present at the first-ever UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education in Lisbon.

He currently serves on the California Alliance for Arts Education’s board of directors and statewide policy council. His prior board service includes two terms as board cochair of LYRIC, an LGBTQQ youth community center in San Francisco; secretary of the SFUSD Arts Education Master Plan advisory committee; and steering committee chair for Making Art, Making Change, a 2006 conference dedicated to examining the relationship between art and social change.

DeCaigny has a bachelor's degree in dramatic arts from Macalester College in St. Paul, and currently resides in San Francisco.

Stuart Kendall

Stuart Kendall is a writer, editor, and translator working at the intersections of modern and contemporary visual culture, poetics, theology, ecology, and design. His books include The Ends of Art and Design, Georges Bataille, and eight translated volumes of French poetry, philosophy, and visual and cultural criticism, including works by Bataille, Maurice Blanchot, Paul Éluard, Jean Baudrillard, Guy Debord, and René Char.

Kendall coedited Terrence Malick: Film and Philosophy and a special issue of Boom: A Journal of California, devoted to contemporary California design.

His most recent book is Gilgamesh, a new version of the eponymous Mesopotamian poems, praised by Jerome Rothenberg as "the exemplary version for our time."

Jessica Ingram

CCA faculty member and Photography interim chair Jessica Ingram's practice is motivated by her desire to understand how people relate, what they long for, and what motivates the choices they make. She also teaches in CCA's Graduate Program in Fine Arts.

Ingram's recent bodies of work include A Civil Rights Memorial, photographs of the historical Civil Rights era landmarks in the American South, and Hilltop High, portraits of young mothers attending an alternative high school for pregnant teenagers in San Francisco.

Ingram’s work has been published and exhibited internationally. She was awarded the 2012 Santa Fe Prize, was a recent fellowship artist in residence at Kala Art Institute, and a featured artist in the 2010 New York Photo Festival.

Her work has been published in the New York Times, GUP, OjodePez, Etiqueta Negra, and PDN Online. Ingram was a contributing editor to What We Want Is Free: Generosity and Exchange in Recent Art (SUNY Press 2004).

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