Interior Design Junior Review

January 27–February 1, 2014
Campus Center Galleries, San Francisco Campus

Opening reception: Tues., Jan. 28, 3-4 p.m.
Free and open to the public

The Interior Design Program at California College of Art (CCA) provides an interdisciplinary design education that integrates critical artistic, technological, and material approaches into the practice of interior design.

The program philosophy departs from an understanding of the body in space, human scale, and perception. Students begin with the study of materials and space to create beautiful, functional, and captivating spaces.

They are challenged to be creative and visionary in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future -- to design with social and environmental issues in mind.

Their work reminds us that interior designers can produce ingenious and resourceful designs for materials as well as for spaces. Program faculty encourages the critical thinking necessary for an understanding of interior design as it relates to the accommodation and organization of human interactions, be it in the intimacy of the home, the open and collaborative workplace, or the public sphere of the city.

Adaptive reuse is a theme of the program, as we prepare designers for ethical and sustainable practice.

Juniors in the program have completed 6 studios, and the work presented here is exemplary of their curricular development and the identification of personal interests and creative passions and trajectories within the requirements that will shape their formation as designers in the next year and beyond the academic realm.