Invisible Art Lab

A CURP/MFA/VCS collaboration
March 6, 2013, 7:15–8:45 pm
Graduate Center, San Francisco Campus

Trapezoid in Hooper 3 + other locations

Free and open to the public

The Invisible Art Lab is a place for artists to explore the notion of invisibility, where artists will discuss questions such as whether invisible is defined as what is not visible.

Join us as artists Daniel Bouthot, Marion Cousin, Lex Kosieradzki, Leora Lutz, Monte Masi, Zoe McCloskey, Omar Mismar, and Andrea Roberts will present their own perceptions of invisibility through performances, information, and sound and multimedia installations. Discussion to follow. This experiment will be more than what you might think!

This inaugural project is curated by Marie Martraire and Lauren O’Connell, both of whom are first-year Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice students.

About Invisible Art Lab

Each week several current Curatorial Practice students will curate their own event (exhibition, screening, performance, talk) in collaboration with Fine Arts and Visual and Critical Studies graduate program students.