Lecture by Valerio Spada

Photography Lecture Series
September 26, 2013 11:00 am–12:00 pm
Oakland Campus

Ralls Hall, Room 202

More info: jjacques@cca.edu or 510.594.3718

Valerio Spada lives in New York. His work is exhibited, collected, and published internationally. His first self-published book, Gomorrah Girl (Cross Editions, 2011), won the PBN Photography Book Now 2011 as Best Book of the Year nominated by a panel of 11 international judges.

CCA Photography faculty member Jim Goldberg nominated Gomorrah Girl to be the best, most beautiful, and most interesting book of 2011 for the International FotoBook Festival 2012 at Le Bal Museum, Paris.

His work won the Festival della Fotografia in Rome 2011 as best project and was exhibited at MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

Gomorrah Girl is in various privates and permanent collections, George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, Rochester, New York; Cleveland Museum of Art; ICP International Center of Photography, New York; Lightwork, Syracuse, New York, amongst others.

Spada's first solo exhibition in the United States (at PPAC Phila Photo Arts Center in Philadelphia in 2012) as well as his first one at the Flatland Gallery in Utrecht, Holland, has received outstanding five-star reviews.

Valerio Spada is represented by Sudest57 in exclusive for Europe.