Paris Summer Study Abroad Information Session (OAK)

February 13, 2013, 3:15–3:45 pm
Oakland Campus

B Building, Room 1 (open to current CCA students only)

More info: Carol Pitts, 510.594.3710,
See also Office of Special Programs

Note: Erik Adigard will be Skyping from Rome.

This month-long collaborative CCA/MICA course allows students from all disciplines to investigate key issues of motion as they relate to creativity, design, communications, and critical thinking.

Although interdisciplinary in nature, the course aims at nurturing students within their own interest and specialty -- graphic design, interaction design, animation, architecture, photography, illustration, etc.

Prerequisite: Completion of sophomore level and instructor approval (3 credits)

For undergraduates, this course satisfies a studio elective, upper-division Interdisciplinary Studio, Graphic Design Investigative Studio, or Advanced Design Studio.

For graduates, this course satisfies a gradwide elective.