Queer/Straight Alliance (QSA) general meeting (SF)

Sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs
March 14, 2013, 1:00–2:00 pm
San Francisco Campus

Timken reception area (outside Timken Lecture Hall); pizza will be available!

Free and open to the CCA community only
Info: jnorrena@cca.edu

CCA's Queer/Straight Alliance (QSA) is an official CCA student group supported by the Office of Student Life, which encourages all students to join or create new student organizations, groups, or clubs.

We meet each semester to identify new ways to build community as well as help ensure the college is kept apprised of ways it can help strengthen the group and reap the benefits of a diverse student body.

Come join us during a lunchtime general meeting where we will discuss goals and set up an agenda of social mixers for the rest of the semester.

Can't make this event?
We're offering an alternative QSA meeting on Friday, March 15, from noon to 1 p.m. on the Oakland campus. Learn more »

About the QSA

The QSA strives to provide a “safe space” where all individuals can be free of harassment, discrimination, isolation, judgment, or violence, or any combination thereof, that occurs because of who they are, and to raise public awareness through multiple perspectives about diverse issues surrounding the LGBT community and its presence here at CCA.

Get Involved

Contact: qsa@cca.edu
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About Other Student Groups & Organizations

Student groups also contribute to the CCA community at large by involving others to work collaboratively toward a shared goal. More than a dozen student organizations and groups already exist. If you don't see one that matches your interest, consider establishing an entirely new organization or group.

Your participation provides valuable experience that can have a positive effect on your college years as well as your future professional and personal life.