Towards a Creole Procession

An open-house event presented by the Graduate Program in Fine Arts and the Center for Art and Public Life
April 13, 2013, 5:00–9:00 pm
Luggage Store Annex (aka 509 Cultural Center)

Luggage Store Annex (aka 509 Cultural Center) and Tenderloin National Forest
509 Ellis Street (at Leavenworth) | Get directions

More info: Contact Ranu Mukherjee at or 415.279.2314

This off-campus open-house event marks the conclusion of the ENGAGE project described below, and will showcase the outcomes. Los Angeles-based artist Jason Metcalf will be making a presentation.

From April 1 to 13 Haitian artist Andre Eugene of Atis Rezistans and UK-based artist and curator Leah Gordon will join Ranu Mukherjee and students from CCA's Graduate Program in Fine Arts in transforming the 509 Cultural Center into a workshop, studio, and seminar space.

As part of the Studio Research Lab Towards a Creole Procession, taught by Mukherjee, and the Social Practice workshop cotaught with Los Angeles artist David Burns, participants engage with an exploration of Haitian contemporary art and culture, digging into the idea of ancestral presence and mixed heritage in aesthetics, and the sometimes incommensurable frameworks of "cultural artifact" vs "contemporary art work."

Leah Gordon will give presentations and lead discussions that explore the relationship between vodou and Haitian art, the conditions of artistic production in Haiti, and the complexities of exhibiting Haitian art in an international context.

Andre Eugene will lead workshops on his particular brand of sculptural production using found objects gathered here, some familiar to him and others not.

We will engage in studio sessions for making artworks "towards a Creole Procession", in which each artist will engage with the subject matter on their own terms.

Dr. Donald Cosentino, Professor Emeritus of World Arts and Cultures at UCLA, will also join us.