Types & Characters: A History of CCA Type Design

Presented as part of the Advanced Design Exhibition course
May 2–10, 2013
Nave, San Francisco Campus

Reception: Thursday, May 2, at 7:15 p.m.

Graphic Design Studio: Room 141 (next to the New Materials Library)
More info: vdelrosario@cca.edu

Types & Characters: A History of CCA Type Design, curated and designed by Tracy Liu, Chris Jordan, and Tori Stoudt, aims to demystify the type-design studio experience, revealing its analog methods as creative processes and introducing the participants, past and present, that comprise the history of type design at CCA.

With the evolution of digital tools in the last 20 years, an incredible number of typefaces has been created, and type designers have been in the privileged position to both inspire and influence the work of many graphic designers.

This exhibition aims to reveal the history and evolution of type design at CCA by examining the work produced in its type design course and the faculty, alumni, and students who participate in this fascinating specialization.

The course, taught by Rod Cavazos, strives to create final forms that are often the consequence of meticulous, hand-sketched explorations and analog refinements.

The people behind these designs -- the characters behind the type -- are in and of themselves the characters of the type design experience at CCA . . . the lead character being the instructor himself.

This exhibition is a part of Jon Sueda's Advanced Design Exhibition course. Reception and discussion with Rod Cavosos, Bob Aufuldish, and James Edmondson.