Under the Radar: A Symposium about Diversity and In/Visibility in the Arts

Presented by CCA Diversity Studies
October 25, 2013 9:30 am–6:30 pm
Nahl Hall, Oakland Campus

5212 Broadway (at Broadway and College Avenue)
Free and open to the public

More info: ShawnJ West, swest@cca.edu

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CCA's Diversity Studies program presents Under the Radar: A Symposium about Diversity and In/Visibility in the Arts, a daylong symposium at which participants will examine and explore ways to create art and conduct art praxis parallel to the traditional venues of galleries, museums, and art agencies.

The event highlights existing culturally responsive creative and leadership practices that advance the integration of diversity and cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills within artistic and cultural production.

The educational content of the summit will encompass a broad view of inclusiveness, including the intersectionality of social and cultural background, social identity, ideology, and ability.

Under the Radar features two panel sessions, an engaging performance by artist Guillermo Galindo, and the presentation of the first CCA Diversity Studies Award to Chicano art icon and former CCA Ethnic Studies faculty member Malaquias Montoya.

Nancy Hernandez, the Estria Foundation
John Early, cofounder, SitePainters.net
Josue Rojas, founder, CEIBA Project
Ruth Morgan, director, of Community Works

This event is funded by CCA’s Diversity Studies program.