Eleven Eleven Issue 16: A launch party and reading

Presented by the MFA Program in Writing
February 12, 2014, 7:30–10:30 pm
Writers’ Studio, San Francisco Campus

195 De Haro Street (at 15th)
Free and open to the public
More info: dmorini@cca.edu, 415.551.9237

Eleven Eleven Issue 16, a biannual journal of literature and art published through the MFA Program in Writing, is now available to enjoy online, so we're throwing a release party and reading!

Come celebrate our with us and hear four of our fabulous featured writers read their works:

Brandon Brown

Brown's most-recent book is Flowering Mall (Roof). He writes about art and culture for Open Space and Art Practical. He is an editor at Krupskaya, and occasionally publishes small-press materials under the imprint OMG!

Shadow Lanka (Big Lucks), his forthcoming book of prose, is expected in 2014.

Mary Burger

Burger is an Oakland-based writer and visual artist. Her writing often combines aspects of poetry, fiction, and essay. She's the author of Then Go On (Litmus Press, 2012).

Recent work has appeared in The Encyclopedia Project, Volta, Your Impossible Voice, and the Poetic Labor Project.

Cassandra Dallett

Dallett occupies Oakland. Dallett writes of a counter-culture childhood in Vermont and her ongoing adolescence in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She has been published in Slip Stream, Sparkle and Blink, Out Of Our, Up The River, Hip Mama, and The Criminal Class Review, among many others. She just released Wet Reckless (Manic D Press, 2013), a full-length book of poetry.

D. Scot Miller

Miller is a Bay Area writer, visual artist, teacher, and curator. He sits on the board of directors of Nocturnes Review, and is a regular contributor to the East Bay Express, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Popmatters, and City Lights and Mosaic magazine.

In 2011 the San Francisco Arts Commission worked with Miller on his AfroSurreal San Francisco Project. Miller is author of The AfroSurreal Manifesto and is completing a book of AfroSurreal poems, based on his Afro-surreal novel, Knot Frum Hear.

We’d like to thank the following people and organizations: Juvenal Acosta, Mary Behm-Steinberg, Last Gasp Publishing, Jay MillAr, Hazel Millar and BookThug, Gabriela Morales and Red Hen Press, David Morini, Grazia Peduzzi and Emergent Art Space, Jerome Rothenberg, Aimee Phan, and Jeff Von Ward for their assistance, advice and support in producing this issue.

About Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven is a biannual journal of literature and art published through the MFA Program in Writing at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The aim of our publication is to provide a forum for risk and experimentation and to serve as an exchange between writers and artists.

Visit www.elevenelevenjournal.com for additional details.