Film Screening: Hey Watch This! Sharing the Self Through Media

Presented by the Critical Studies program
March 5, 2014 7:30 pm
Graduate Center, San Francisco Campus

Free and open to the public
Graduate Center, Room GC4
More info: Visit
Patricia G. Lange's website, or email

How do people share aspects of the self amid today’s complex and shifting media landscape? This ethnographic film uses YouTube videos, interviews, and observations at Meet-Ups from San Francisco to Toronto to explore the rise and fall of YouTube as a social media site.

Recorded over the course of several years, the film, directed by CCA faculty member Patricia G. Lange, provides a unique diachronic look at the dynamics and life cycle of online sites. It offers insight into how mediated friendships and forms of emotional support weave on- and offline in ways that endure beyond the life cycle of a particular site, or even of participants themselves.

In our increasingly post-human era, it is especially interesting to hear YouTubers reflect on their vision of their work and their digital legacies after their deaths.

The ethnographer’s insider perspective weaves multiple threads to illustrate how people are learning new forms of media literacies, and how we are all increasingly relating to others through media.