Lecture-Performance by Tarek Elhaik

Graduate Studies Lecture Series
October 23, 2014, 7:00–9:00 pm
Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus

Free and open to the public
More info: Melissa Miller, mmiller3@cca.edu

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Raw Nerves: A Lecture-Performance by Tarek Elhaik focuses on Mexican philosopher and film artist Manuel De Landa's cult punk and neo-Dada experimental cinema work.

In De Landa's films, philosophy is loudly and raucously pursued by cinematic means. His chaotic optical and sonic landscapes are characterized by distortions of the human voice, disruptions of the visual image, and absurdist montages.

Elhaik is a media anthropologist, film curator, and assistant professor of media and culture at San Francisco State University. He works on transnational avant-gardes, media arts, and curatorial platforms in Latin America, the Arab World, and the Mediterranean. 

His writings have appeared in numerous books and journals, and he has authored The Incurable-Image: Curating Post-Mexican Film & Media Arts (forthcoming from Edinburgh University Press). 

Elhaik is currently part of a collaborative team of researchers, hosted by the Los Angeles Film Forum and funded by the Getty Foundation, that will curate and edit an anthology on experimental cinema and media in Latin America.

About CCA's 2014-15 Graduate Lecture Series

Entitled Sound & Vision, the 2014–15 Graduate Studies Lecture Series, examines the rich landscape of contemporary music and sound art. In performances, audio lectures, and conversations an international roster of some of today’s most compelling and innovative practitioners and thinkers will present projects and discuss ideas and histories of interest in the aural field.

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