Lecture by Stanya Kahn

Photography Lecture Series
February 14, 2014 11:00 am–12:00 pm
Oakland Campus

Ralls Painting Studio
Free and open to the public
More info: Josef jacques, jjacques@cca.edu, 510.594.3718

Stanya Kahn is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video, with a practice that includes sound design, drawing, writing, and performance. Her work engages with strategies of communication, the body in the world, affective power, and the making, use, and abuse of meaning.

Humor, pathos, and the uncanny emerge as central modes in a hybrid media practice that seeks to rework relationships between fiction and document, the real and the hyper-real, narrative time and the synchronic time of impulse.

Words, actions, geographies, people, and ideas seek out agency in moving pictures, drawings, texts, and installations. In a long-term investigation of how rhetoric gains and loses power -- whether in the name of politics or pleasure, consumption, or self-reflection -- Kahn’s projects often situate language in the foreground of works that are dialectically driven by the demands of the body.

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