Open Critique with Wattis Institute Director Anthony Huberman, Glen Helfand, and Rebeca Bollinger

Presented by Painting/Drawing Program
April 16, 2014, 4:00–6:00 pm
San Francisco Campus

Drawing Room (previously the PLAySPACE gallery)
Open to CCA community only

Info: Linda Geary at

The Open Critique Series is an experimental public forum designed to expand the critical dialog and concerns of the Graduate Program in Fine Arts.

These critiques are led by current faculty and guest critics from the larger arts community including writers, curators, gallerists, and artists, among others.

In addition, we welcome and encourage active participation from all CCA students. It is our hope that through these critiques we will open up the conversation that occurs within the Fine Arts program to the larger community and simultaneously begin to engage the arts community in the critical dialog that happens within the college.

This is an opportunity for students to get together for a critical review of work, and we encourage graduates, undergraduates, and faculty to attend.