Interiors Beyond Architecture: Book Launch

Presented by Amy Campos & Deborah Schneiderman
March 1–16
Image credit: Book Cover, Taxa Outdoors, Cricket 2017
San Francisco Campus
CCA Hubbell Street Galleries | 161 Hubbell St
CCA Hubbell St Galleries
Free and open to the public
Gallery hours: Tue.-Sat., 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
More info: Amy Campos,
Interiors Beyond Architecture seeks to highlight the relevance and importance of the expanding discipline of interior design today, presenting a series of often-radical propositions about the nature of the interior itself.  The book and exhibition explore atypical spaces where the interior exists either without a building architecture, or where it transcends the architecture that it is within. These include inhabitable art, interiors for display, infrastructural interiors, stage sets, repurposed interiors, mobile interiors, interiors formed from nature, extreme environments, interior landscapes, and exterior spaces with interior conditions. Interior Designers are increasingly asked to consider not only the typical scenario of designing for building interiors but also to consider emerging specialties focused on the human occupation of space in environments beyond those that are explicitly architectural, like vehicular design, infrastructural space, and urban environments. The book and exhibition frames the interior not just within, but beyond the context of architecture, in order to distinctly define interiority and inhabitation as an autonomous territory of experimentation. 
Image credit: Book Cover, Taxa Outdoors, Cricket 2017
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