Pamela Hobbs Lecture: Matte Painting & Environment Artist

Friday, February 23, 5:00 pm
Nahl Hall, Oakland

Free and open to the public

Digital Environments supervisor Pamela Hobbs shares her experiences with matte painting and environmental art. Pamela will be presenting work she has done as an environments supervisor and matte painter in live action and animated films and go over her role in and outside the pipeline. She will also go over software packages and how she uses them for lighting, rendering, and texturing surfaces.



About Pamela:

Pamela's Digital Matte Painting career in the animation industry spans over ten years. She has worked at major studios such as DreamWorks Animation and Industrial Light & Magic. Originally a United Kingdom based artist, Pamela has worked in Japan, China, and California. She has worked on various films such as How to Train a Dragon, Star Wars III, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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