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December 12–22, 2012

Jack Fischer Gallery | 49 Geary, Suite 418 | San Francisco, CA 94108

Reception: Saturday, December 15, 3-5 p.m.
Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 a.m to 5:30 p.m. (and by appointment)
Free and open to the public

Gallery hours and info: 415.956.1178 or

Fabricators is the second part of a groundbreaking three-phase project involving five Creativity Explored artists and a range of collaborators, including students enrolled in the ENGAGE at CCA program, with assistance of IDEO and Jack Fischer Gallery.

New works by Creativity Explored artists Thanh My Diep, Christina Marie Fong, Camille Holvoet, Lance Rivers, and Natalie Spring will be selected by art critic, curator, writer, and CCA MFA faculty member Glen Helfand and San Francisco gallery owner Jack Fischer.

The pieces are intended top reflect an energetic range of interests and sensibilities, as well as a cohesive sense of community.

Participating CCA students

Michael Barker
Andrea Bergen
Jack Chang
Cella Costanza
Shelby Hinte
Miso Kim
Sirada Laomanutsak
Natasha McLachlan
Mateen Mortazavi
Vince Nieto
Manny Pagkalinawan
Pamela Pascual
Marieca Tye
Yixin Yuan
Kangning Zhao

September 4, 2012–May 10, 2013
Touring the Social Imaginary

CATALYSTRANSIT is a project organized by Ana Labastida, circulating through the Bay Area’s Casual Carpool from Fruitvale Avenue in Oakland to Fremont Street in San Francisco, that questions how we interpret the mundane moments during commutes.

To participate, or for more information, visit

This project is part of Touring the Social Imaginary, a series of exhibitions and participatory, public programs across the Bay Area organized by PLAySPACE, that map the social imaginary using research-intensive processes to ask questions about places and the people that inhabit them.

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PLAySPACE, The Paulette Long and Shepard Pollack Art Community Experiment, is a graduate student-run exhibition program. It provides the resources for student curators to conceptualize and present programming that is especially appropriate for, and oriented toward, the academic community.

This programming is presented in various venues and locations throughout the community.