Events & Exhibitions

Photo of Elisabeth Lebovici
Hosted by the Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies
February 23, 2016 1:00 pm
Nave, San Francisco Campus
Graphic design: Hybridism & Multi-Ethnicity
Presented by CCA and Second University of Naples
February 23–27, 2016
Campus Center Galleries, San Francisco Campus
African American man sitting among trash
Presented by the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
February 23–April 9, 2016
360 Kansas Street,Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (between 16th & 17th Streets)
First Year Honors Program
February 16–27, 2016
College Avenue Galleries, Oakland Campus
Arc of a Scene: Animation Program Group Exhibition
February 16–27, 2016
College Avenue Galleries, Oakland Campus
Furniture designer Michael Cullen
Presented by the Furniture Program
February 12–March 22, 2016
Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus
Osaka + CCA light blue poster with black text running vertically
Presented by the Fine Arts division and Printmaking Program
February 8–March 5, 2016
Isabelle Percy West Gallery, Oakland Campus