Events & Exhibitions

CAUGHT IN THE FRAY: Presented by the CCA Textiles Program
Presented by the CCA Textiles Program
January 23–February 9
College Avenue Galleries, Oakland Campus
First of all: SCC's 7th Annual Exhibition
Presented by the Students of Color Coalition
January 23–27
Isabelle Percy West Gallery, Oakland Campus
Image credit: Danielle Lopez, waiting, 2017
Presented by PS8
January 18–February 2
San Francisco Campus
141 Hubbell St
The Essence of Unity: MENA Group (Middle Eastern & North African)
Weekly Activations by the CCA Community
January 16–March 16
CCA Hubbell Street Galleries | 131 Hubbell St
Illustrating Resistance, CCA Biennial Poster
Hosted by the CCA Illustration Program and the Alumni Association
January 16–February 2
CCA Hubbell Street Galleries, 161 Hubbell Street, San Francisco
Component/Assembly: Prototyping Domestic Space
Presented by CCA Architecture Division / Digital Craft Lab
January 16–February 8
151 Hubbell St
Rirkrit Tiravanija's Pledges of Allegiance flag, "Untitled 2017 (fear eats the soul) (white flag).
Organized by Creative Time and Presented by CCA Exhibitions
November 8, 2017–April 25, 2018
San Francisco Campus
Bacher Menu
Presented by the Wattis Institute
October 12, 2017–February 24, 2018
360 Kansas Street, Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (between 16th & 17th Streets)