Fall 2020 Showcase

Discover work by students graduating this fall from CCA’s Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, and Humanities + Sciences divisions through a virtual showcase, end-of-year experiences reimagined for virtual presentation, and stories on our social media.


Engage with work by a remarkable group of students

Fall 2020 graduates from the college’s Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, and Humanities + Sciences divisions have stayed on course to complete their degrees. That is remarkable at any time, but it feels especially profound at the end of this tumultuous year. These students have continued their studies, reached their capstone moment, and finished their thesis projects in the face of unprecedented circumstances and difficult events. We couldn’t be more proud of the steadfastness to their form despite all that 2020 wrought.

Their work is worth seeing now. The Fall 2020 Showcase is a virtual recognition of these extraordinary students and a presentation of their excellence. It is a space to honor their hard work throughout their studies and show the scope of their intellectual curiosity and creative action, empowered by CCA’s dynamic learning-through-making educational model. As you explore their final projects, we hope you’ll be as wowed as we are.


Celebrating students from Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, and Humanities + Sciences


Experimental making through emerging technologies

Our graduating students from the Architecture division work across a range of media and collaborate with makers in other creative disciplines to develop cutting-edge environments, innovate future building materials, and engage with important questions about the spaces we inhabit and create.


Hands-on investigations informed by a spirit of inquiry

Our graduating students from the Design division are driven by an ambition to develop solutions and shaped by theory, deep practice, emerging forms, and new technologies. Their culminating projects engage with current global challenges and prepare to tackle those taking shape now.

Fine Arts

Boundary-challenging practices immersed in critical thinking

Our graduating students from the Fine Arts division see art as a vessel for proposing new ideas and bridging connections across disciplines, dialogues, and communities. Their practices draw inspiration from the Bay Area and are socially engaged in a universal, multivoiced perspective—so they can continue to push boundaries as cultural dynamics evolve.

Humanities + Sciences

Distinctive, interdisciplinary critique for social transformation

Our graduating students from Humanities + Sciences draw upon innovative and multicultural modes of storytelling to explore and expand creative impact. From literature to comics to critical compositions in various forms, their work strives to observe and participate in social transformation and engage with urgent issues.


Dive deeper with related programming

To accommodate socially distanced idea sharing and community building, several academic programs within the Design and Fine Arts divisions have reimagined traditional end-of-year experiences and events. Throughout these satellite websites and time-based presentations, you’ll find lectures, readings, digital collections, and more.


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Instagram post 17937815524448131

Jan. 19, 2021

This week, the United States will witness history as we inaugurate the 46th president and the first female vice president. 🇺🇸⁣⁠
#CCAFaculty Benjamin Shaykin (@bshaykin) designed this graphic to support @fairfightaction, translating activism into his practice and, more broadly, commemorating Inauguration Day’s date, January 20 (or 1.20.2021). Had you noticed before you saw this that the date is a palindrome? It’s the same when read forward and backward—like “civic,” “wow,” and... “madam.” ❤️

Instagram post 18095887111209976

Jan. 12, 2021

Did you know that the influential sculptor Viola Frey became interested in color because of an assignment from CCA (then CCAC) in the late 1960s? 🌈 “I was asked to teach a color workshop in the painting department, which was almost unheard of,” said Frey, a #CCArts alum and professor emeritus, decades later. Her ensuing study of painting, she added, “was influenced by my background in ceramics.” #InterdisciplinaryArtWin⁠
#Regram via @violafreyarchives⁠
Installation view of Weeping Woman, 1990-91, next to drawings by Viola Frey at Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York, in 1991. Weeping Woman is in the collection of Norton Simon Museum, West Palm Beach, Florida.⁠

Art © Artists' Legacy Foundation / Licensed by ARS, New York. ⁠
#CCArts #ViolaFrey @ccartsalumni #ceramics @cca_ceramics #TriviaTuesday

Instagram post 17852785829488198

Jan. 3, 2021

Making moves in the new year? Get inspired by Annika Bastacky's (@annika____eva) MFA Design thesis project, "Movement Is(n’t) Just Movement." We're moving on a video feature with Annika that we'll share later this month!⁠

In the meantime, tap the link in our bio to read reflections from CCA's Interaction Design program leaders on what it's like to practice the future *right now*. @ccadesignis @ccadesignfutures @ccamdes⁠
Annika Bastacky, "Movement Is(n’t) Just Movement," 2020 MFA Design Thesis, Futures Lab Fellow. Courtesy of the artist.
#annikabastacky #ccarts #mfadesign #ccadesignis #speculativedesign #interactiondesign #design

Instagram post 17993113897308893

Jan. 1, 2021

2021! Finally. ⁠

Happy New Year from our campus on the cloud. This year, sky's the limit. Things are looking up. Better days are on the horizon. Etc. ☁️ Send us your cloud pics so we can all enjoy your view. ⁠

1. San Francisco. Nick Lea Bruno, staff.⁠
2. Oakland. By Nelson Chan, student.⁠
3. San Francisco. By Helen Maria Nugent, dean.⁠
4. Somewhere above the U.S. (between CA and NY). By Jennifer Siu, staff.⁠
5. Downtown Oakland. Nick Lea Bruno, staff.
#NewYear #CCArts #2021 #bayarea #sky

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