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Visit our online exhibition of interdisciplinary work by graduating students from across the college, find end-of-year experiences reimagined for virtual presentation, and help us toast this standout group of creative citizens.


Togetherness has a new meaning now

To recognize the achievements of our students completing their undergraduate and graduate degrees this spring, we proudly present the Class of 2021 Showcase. This digital record of work by our graduating students is a time capsule of a community thinking and making during a pivotal moment. It’s also proof of profound resiliency—a fortitude that each member of this class had to find inside themselves in order to complete their final semesters in a pandemic.

We applaud the Class of 2021’s positivity, their determination, and their kindness toward each other in a difficult year. Creative practice empowers us as individuals and as a collective; the act of making has such potential to heal, and these students remind us of that truth again and again. We’ve watched their humanity merge with their imagination as the generative journey of finding their voice and defining their final projects took shape. These students have done more than simply make the best of a bad situation—they’ve made work that makes a difference. Now, they’re future-focused. They’re ready to act. And the fields of professional practice they enter will be better off because of their presence.

While the following end-of-year virtual experiences are in the spirit of a collective celebration, many will happen asynchronously or individually. Even so, we hope you remember that by engaging with this work in any way, you’re generously holding space for these students to be seen and valued for their commitment to scholarship and the pursuit of purposeful work. You’ll also be a CCA Chimera for the time you’re exploring, part of our vibrant creative community that’s distributed around the world.

Wherever you are, we invite you to enjoy the Class of 2021 Showcase and hope you find much more to celebrate—an idea that unlocks another one, an artwork that offers you a new perspective, an up-and-coming designer, a new hire, a very real connection to a virtual creative practice. We’re glad you’re here.


Recognizing outstanding student contributions

A dark blue graphic that reads Deans’ Spotlight with multicolored vertical stripes of different widths.

The deans of CCA’s four academic divisions selected students whose submissions to the Class of 2021 Showcase deserve special recognition. Every student work chosen for a Deans’ Spotlight (displayed below) demonstrates excellence in theory and practice.

A special note of welcome from the deans

“Commencement is a significant milestone of personal and academic achievement. For the Class of 2021, it is also a marker of their enormous tenacity and strength. We’re honored to share the work of these exceptional graduates through the Class of 2021 Showcase and related program sites.

Although we have deeply missed the joy of teaching and learning together in our labs, studios, and galleries, the work that our students have produced during the pandemic is deeply compelling and quite simply amazing. A new generation of CCA-educated artists, architects, curators, designers, strategists, filmmakers, and writers has emerged. Their work attests to their perseverance and passion as well as their commitment to equity, racial justice, and environmental impact.

It takes time to process the conversations, critiques, and other dynamic exchanges that are the cornerstone of art school pedagogy, and it will take time to heal from and be able to contextualize the momentous impact of the COVID–19 pandemic socially, culturally, and historically. Now more than ever, we value these students’ critical insights and will rely upon their creative energy to envision new ways of being and making in this rapidly changing world. We’re eager to see what their passion discovers. They will undoubtedly transform our world for the better through their craft, care, and vision.

To our new graduates: we applaud you. Congratulations, Class of 2021!”

— Dean of Architecture Keith Krumwiede, Dean of Design Helen Maria Nugent, Dean of Fine Arts Allison Smith, and Dean of Humanities & Sciences TT Takemoto

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We envision a better world through architecture, combining disciplinary innovation with social and environmental impact. Our work addresses issues of global importance, including climate change, resource scarcity, housing inequity, and other issues that are particularly relevant today.



We engage with current global challenges and prepare ourselves to tackle the ones taking shape now. Our design practices are driven by an ambition to develop solutions and shaped by theory, deep practice, emerging forms, and new technologies.


Fine Arts

We are truth-seekers, culture workers, storytellers, and activists. With curiosity, honesty, and self-reflection, we boldly confront reality, using our creativity to craft a repository of collective memory and to ignite others to envision the future differently.


Humanities & Sciences

We draw upon innovative and multicultural modes of storytelling to examine and expand creative impact. From literature to comics to critical compositions in various forms, our work strives to observe and participate in social transformation.


Virtual happenings hosted by academic programs

Opportunities to celebrate material and form

Several academic programs have reimagined their traditional end-of-year experiences and events to accommodate socially distanced idea sharing and community building. In these spaces you’ll find lectures, readings, digital collections, and more. All are evidence of the scope of students’ intellectual curiosity and creative action, as well as the outcomes of CCA’s dynamic learning-through-making educational model.


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Instagram post 17884323572536116

Dec. 6, 2021

It's lit 🔥in the Streich Zone. ⁠

This space is a multifunctional room for the Jewelry/Metal Arts program. where enameling, forming, and fabricating takes place. #CCAFaculty Curtis Arima (@arimacurtis) shows us how the kiln works in a casting demo during Homecoming 2021.

Instagram post 17925419542871812

Dec. 4, 2021

Go eaaaaasy on me 🎶 Created by Robin Parks (Illustration 2023), inspired by @adele.⁠

The assignment: illustrate the feeling/vibe/emotion you get from an artist's music. ⁠

"For Adele, the main takeaway I got was heartbreak and sort of going on an emotional rollercoaster. We’ve all been through heartbreak whether that was recent or years ago, so I believe we all have that understanding of what it means to feel that type of loss. Instead of adding a woman crying, I felt like it would add more emotion to have crashing ocean waves of hair and green skin, touching on the idea she might be “green with envy”. I had made the hair with a palette knife whereas the rest of this was painted with a paintbrush (aka this is technically a 3D painting)." ⁠

@robindrawsweird @cca_illustration

Instagram post 18208475734117471

Dec. 1, 2021

Look what we 🪚 going down in the Backlot. ⁠

Studio Atelier gives students the chance to learn first-hand from established furniture artists and designers from across the country and around the world. The course offers direct hands-on experience with diverse approaches to materiality, craft, and sustainable creative practices. ⁠

Here, the students are working with California walnut sourced from Aborica in Marin County, an organization that is focused on salvaged wood stewardship, which is a unique approach to material sourcing in the U.S. #WornickProfessor Ido Yoshimoto took the students to Arborica, where they selected and hauled these tree sections back to CCA.⁠

📸: Ido Yoshimoto (@ido_yoshimoto), Hanwen Jiang, Juan Ignacio Pazmiño, Ina Trayanouskaya (@inka_t_cca).

Instagram post 18087994408305066

Nov. 27, 2021

Seeing the Nave like this >>> ⁠

Earlier this month, the Architecture and Interior Design programs hosted a Show & Tell for students and faculty to hang out and show out 👀 Everyone was invited to bring one physical model, drawing, or work in progress and exhibit the work collectively. ⁠

#architecture #interiordesign #CCArts

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