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Congratulate the creative and intellectual achievements of CCA’s next generation of architects, artists, critical thinkers, designers, historians, filmmakers, photographers, researchers, and writers by exploring their work in the 2022 Showcase.

As creative citizens, CCA students commit to purpose-driven scholarship through exploration, inquiry, problem-solving, practice, research, and more. The capstone projects shown here empower us collectively to challenge the status quo and actively create a better future. They also remind us how everyday themes such as humor, dreams, hope, and play help anchor our connection to one another.

These graduates and thesis students have made work that makes a difference. Now, they’re ready to act and change the world.


Recognizing outstanding student contributions

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The deans of CCA’s four academic divisions selected students whose submissions to the 2022 Showcase demonstrate excellence in theory and practice.

A special note of welcome from the deans

Commencement is a significant milestone of personal and academic achievement. For the Class of 2022, it is also a marker of their enormous tenacity and strength. A new generation of CCA-educated artists, architects, curators, designers, strategists, filmmakers, and writers has emerged. We’re honored to share the work of these exceptional graduates through the Class of 2022 Showcase.

This year marks our return to teaching and learning together on campus in our labs, studios, and galleries. These students have created work that is deeply compelling and ambitious. Their accomplishments attest to their perseverance and passion as well as their commitment to making art and design that matters.

Now more than ever, we value these students’ critical insights and will rely upon their creative energy to envision new ways of being and making during these rapidly changing times. We’re eager to see where their practices take them. They will undoubtedly continue to transform the world, and our experience of it, through their craft, care, and vision.

To our new graduates: we applaud you. Congratulations, Class of 2022!

— Dean of Architecture Keith Krumwiede, Dean of Design Helen Maria Nugent, Dean of Fine Arts Sunny A. Smith, and Dean of Humanities & Sciences TT Takemoto

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We envision architecture that can change the world for the better, by combining innovation in our fields with social and environmental impact. Our work addresses critical global issues—including climate change, resource scarcity, and housing inequity—through deep research, theoretical speculation, and design action.



We engage with the most pressing challenges of our time and imagine what’s next by applying the full range of a designer’s toolset, from research and ideation to strategic foresight and iterative prototyping. Our work is driven by an ambition to create a world we want to live in.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

We are truth-seekers, culture workers, storytellers, and activists. With curiosity, honesty, and self-reflection, we boldly confront reality, using our creativity to craft a repository of collective memory and to ignite others to envision the future differently.

Humanities and Sciences.

Humanities & Sciences

We activate interdisciplinary modes of critical and creative expression to delve into the social, political, and historical dimensions of our changing times. Our work embraces social transformation and worldbuilding through writing, visual analysis, curatorial practice, and comics.


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The 2022 Showcase and its associated celebrations are free and open to the public, from in-person events to digital experiences. All can access and explore interdisciplinary thesis work and capstone projects; attend in-person readings, online symposiums, and the fashion experience; view animations and films, and more. These occasions connect the next generation of creative visionaries with art and design communities from the Bay Area—and beyond.


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Instagram post 18217188214133318

May 16, 2022

Class of 2022. . . you did 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵.

Instagram post 17948926684791730

May 13, 2022

This was our first IRL runway show in three years (!!!) Each spring, the Fashion Design program debuts the collections of graduating seniors with end-of-year presentations. Congratulations to Binbin Xiang, Claire Mermelstein, Fatima Mendez, Florence Yang, Grecia Rivera, Hanjuan Kristen Sun, Jason Lei, Kary Deng, Krystle Reynolds, Maya Hazen, Ruijie Yue, Ryan Gao, Simin Li, Siqi Wu, Xinyi Tong, Ziyao Wang, and Melissa Rodriguez.

🔉 And a special shout out to @wearetheoneswevebeenwaitingfor for providing music for this evening.

@ccafashiondesign #californiacollegeofthearts

Instagram post 17963096884717691

May 10, 2022

❗️ FRESH PRINTS ❗️Alum and faculty emeritus Thomas Wojak is working with current and former CCA faculty artists to design a print from each decade of the college's 100-year history in Oakland as part of the Legacy Print Project. ⁠

Here are the latest three prints by Victoria Wagner (1950s), Irence Cheng & Janette Kim (1960s), and Eduardo Pineda (1970s)⁠

These prints are now available by donation (check out our IG Story for links). Proceeds will help fund Oakland Campus Legacy programming and projects. ⁠

#californiacollegeofthearts @cca.oakland.legacy

Instagram post 17850594893761899

May 9, 2022

For Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month, we're reflecting on 'Stop Polite Racism,' a collage of bumper stickers by Nielsen Arenas (BFA Graphic Design 2022).⁠

"'Stop Polite Racism' is a statement that highlights Asian Americans' struggles regarding covert racism. Polite racism is a form of passing through something that you are assumed not to be. A misunderstanding of identity that every Asian American experiences. The poster aims to promote awareness of the issue by sending love and care using bumper stickers as a medium of communication."⁠

#AAPIMonth @ccagd @else.psd

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