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Makers ready to meet tomorrow

Congratulate the creative and intellectual achievements of CCA’s next generation of architects, artists, critical thinkers, designers, historians, filmmakers, photographers, and writers by exploring their work in the 2023 Showcase.

The capstone projects shown here empower us collectively to challenge the status quo and remind us how everyday themes such as humor, dreams, hope, and play help anchor our connection to one another.

These graduates and thesis students have made work that makes a difference. Now, they’re ready to act and change the world.


Recognizing outstanding student contributions

A cream-colored graphic with teal, green, yellow, and red shapes in the background. Text in black reads: Deans' Spotlight.

The deans of CCA’s four academic divisions selected students whose submissions to the 2023 Showcase demonstrate excellence in theory and practice.

A special note of welcome from the deans

Commencement is a significant milestone of personal and academic achievement. For the Class of 2023, it is also a marker of their enormous tenacity and strength. A new generation of CCA-educated artists, architects, curators, designers, strategists, filmmakers, and writers has emerged. We’re honored to share the work of these exceptional graduates through the Class of 2023 Showcase.

This year marks our first year of unification in San Francisco teaching and learning together on campus in our labs, studios, and galleries. These students have created work that is deeply compelling and ambitious. Their accomplishments attest to their perseverance and passion as well as their commitment to making art and design that matters.

Now more than ever, we value these students’ critical insights and will rely upon their creative energy to envision new ways of being and making during these rapidly changing times. We’re eager to see where their practices take them. They will undoubtedly continue to transform the world, and our experience of it, through their craft, care, and vision.

To our new graduates: we applaud you. Congratulations, Class of 2023!

— Dean of Architecture Keith Krumwiede, Dean of Design Helen Maria Nugent, Dean of Fine Arts Sunny A. Smith, and Dean of Humanities & Sciences TT Takemoto

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Group of students standing around an architectural model during an exhibition.


We envision architecture that can change the world for the better, by combining innovation in our fields with social and environmental impact. Our work addresses critical global issues—including climate change, resource scarcity, and housing inequity—through deep research, theoretical speculation, and design action.

A person lifts a lighted, white tube into their ear at the Future Resonance exhibition.


We engage with the most pressing challenges of our time and imagine what’s next by applying the full range of a designer’s toolset, from research and ideation to strategic foresight and iterative prototyping. Our work is driven by an ambition to create a world we want to live in.

Two people look over a printed newspaper at CCA's Fine Arts Senior Show.

Fine Arts

We are truth-seekers, culture workers, storytellers, and activists. With curiosity, honesty, and self-reflection, we boldly confront reality, using our creativity to craft a repository of collective memory and to ignite others to envision the future differently.

A student paints purple dots inside of a plastic enclosure.

Humanities & Sciences

We activate interdisciplinary modes of critical and creative expression to delve into the social, political, and historical dimensions of our changing times. Our work embraces social transformation and worldbuilding through writing, visual analysis, curatorial practice, and comics.

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The 2023 Showcase and its associated celebrations are free and open to the public, from in-person events and exhibitions to animations, films, online symposiums, and more. Browse programs and mark your calendars.


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Sept. 15, 2023

New show in the @ccaexhibitions Campus Gallery ✨ 'stories of us' features work by current CCA faculty that explores personal stories of belonging, care, and community.

The exhibition is on view until October 6, 2023 and features work by Shalini Agrawal, Verda Alexander, Kim Anno, Curtis Hidemasa Arima, Sholeh Asgary, Bob Aufuldish, Tim Belonax, Rachel Berger, Rebekah Bloyd, Julian Carter, Nelson Chan, Gregory Climer, Marilyn da Silva, Sara Dean, John De Fazio, Melinda Luisa de Jesús, Mark Donohue, Mia Feuer, Max Gavrich, Caroline Goodwin, Lynda Grose, Mara Holt Skov, chris hamamoto, Taraneh Hemami, Rob Hugel, Thomas Ingalls, Chris Johnson, Steve Jones, Janette Kim, Yina Kim, Heesoo Kwon, Katherine Lam, Christina La Sala, Ana Llorente, Ian MacColl, Adam McCauley, Dan McHale, Nasim Moghadam, Ranu Mukherjee, Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, Erik Parra, Erik Scollon, Pallavi Sharma, Matt Silady, Peter Simensky, Deborah Stein, Jon Stich, Sunny A. Smith, Jon Sueda, Chris Treggiari, Michael Washington, Michael Wertz, Anne Wolf, and Corey Wolffs.

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Sept. 13, 2023

High school students! Find your voice 🗯 and learn something new in our Atelier program. These weekend workshops allow you to learn new techniques in experimental photography, animation, industrial design prototyping, screenprinting, fashion upcycling and more.

Fall workshops are now open for registration ➡️ cca.edu/atelier

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Sept. 8, 2023

⚒️🔨 Shop talk ⚒️🔨 Open orientations for the Metal Shop, Model Shop, and Rapid Prototyping/Laser Cutter Studio will only be available for the first 10 weeks of the semester. Orientations are required to access these spaces. Check out each shop's Portal page for their schedule.

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Sept. 6, 2023

We’re back 🤗 What are you most looking forward to this semester?

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