Printmaking Class in Oakland


Explore personal identity, unite communities, and spark cultural change through printmaking.


The transformative power of print

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Our program teaches you to expand upon the rich traditions of intaglio, lithography, relief, screenprinting, photo, and digital printmaking and book arts. You’ll explore the medium’s potential as a platform for both creative expression and cultural change. With the San Francisco Bay Area as your backdrop, you’ll draw inspiration from museums, galleries, and alternative art spaces, world-renowned publishers and studios, and socially engaged nonprofits. Our position within a top art and design college gives you daily access to a creative, collaborative culture, challenging you to push beyond your notions of what art can accomplish in the world.

Studios + Shops

Merge traditional practices with interdisciplinary making

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In our state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll learn a full range of printmaking techniques, including digital and photo printing, intaglio, lithography, monotype, papermaking, relief, screenprinting, book arts, letterpress, and papermaking. We encourage you to experiment whenever possible and collaborate with your peers in fine arts. By incorporating other media into your projects, you’ll discover that print can do things like leap from walls and transform rooms into hypnotic installations.

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Hamaguchi scholarship

The Yozo Hamaguchi Printmaking Scholarship awards, made possible by a generous endowment fund, are open to all undergraduate and graduate students who have studied printmaking at CCA. Each year, the college celebrates the multiple awardees’ accomplishments during an annual awards exhibition.

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Kala emerging artist residencies

During their final semester, undergraduate printingmaking majors can apply for the Hamaguchi Emerging Artist Residency. The recipient is given part-time access to the prestigious Kala Art Institute, located in Berkeley. They have total freedom to explore independent projects in various printmaking techniques, photo processes, book arts, and digital media. Culminating in a group exhibition, this is the perfect experience for those who want to continue their studio practice or pursue their studios in master's programs.

Printmaking equipment

  • American French tool etching press
  • Takach Lithography Press
  • Dufa Offset Press
  • Additional etching, lithography, and sign presses
  • 100-plus lithography stones
  • Vandercook letterpresses
  • Acid room
  • Dedicated digital film printers
  • Photopolymer platemaker
  • Bookbinding equipment
  • Molds for making paper
  • Couching screens for drying paper
  • Screenprinting exposing table
  • Screenprinting wash-out area
  • Screenprinting coating room
  • Hollander beater
  • Hundreds of wood and metal type cases


Socially engaged artists

Our exceptional faculty are immersed in the local, national, and global printmaking arenas. With a focus on conceptual investigation, their interests span various media beyond print, including book arts, drawing, painting, photography, sculptural objects, textiles, and video. Faculty mentor you as you refine a socially conscious art practice that asks important questions and pushes the boundaries of craft.

Michelle Murillo, Chair of Printmaking

Michelle Murillo, Chair of Printmaking

Chair Michelle Murillo is an Oakland-based artist whose work expands the vocabulary of print through traditional and cutting-edge methods. Her prints and installations have been exhibited worldwide and she’s been recognized with numerous awards, grants, and residencies. Murillo’s work can be broadly described as the practice of archiving the “lost, found, 're-membered,' and collected.” As chair, she connects students with Bay Area galleries, museums, print institutions, and professional presses.


We think with our hands

Every undergraduate student participates in the First Year Core program, an opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and tools. Faculty from different disciplines guide studio projects, group critiques, and discussions on foundational theory to help set students up for success.

BFA Printmaking

Core Studio

Drawing 1, 2D, 3D, 4D
12 units

Printmaking Major Requirements

Printmaking Level 1 (printmaking courses in two different media)
6 units
Printmaking Level 2 (second semester of selected printmaking courses)
6 units
Digital Tools
3 units
Advanced Printmaking
6 units
Printmaking Studio Electives
6 units
Junior Tutorial
3 units
Senior Project: Printmaking
6 units

Additional Studio Requirements

Interdisciplinary Critique
3 units
Interdisciplinary Studio
3 units
Diversity Studies Studio
3 units
Studio Electives
15 units

Humanities + Sciences Requirements

Writing 1
3 units
Writing 2
3 units
Introduction to the Arts: Antiquity to Early Modern
3 units
Introduction to the Modern Arts
3 units
Foundation in Critical Studies
3 units
Media History: Printmaking
3 units
Literary and Performing Arts Studies (200 level)
3 units
Philosophy and Critical Theory (200 level)
3 units
Social Science/History
3 units
Science/Math (200 level)
3 units
Visual Studies (200 level)
3 units
Humanities and Sciences (300 level)
9 units
Diversity Studies Seminar
3 units
Humanities and Sciences Electives (200 or 300 level)
3 units

Total 120 units


Establish a lifelong creative practice

Our students combine interdisciplinary interests with skills in traditional and contemporary printmaking to pursue a range of creative practices. Many establish their own studios and exhibit work in both commercial and nonprofit spaces. Others create political work and support their communities through public education projects. While each finds a unique pathway to the professional art world, they all share a desire to participate in an enriching cultural dialogue.

Potential career paths

  • Studio artist
  • Master printer
  • Educator
  • Arts or nonprofit administrator
  • Owner of a contract printing studio

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The full spectrum of printmaking

Our students want to learn and master the visual language of print. From intaglio techniques, when ink is pressed into etched lines, to screenprinting, they’re eager to build a cohesive body of work that reflects their interests and artistic influences. When they join our program, they join an inclusive, supportive community that embraces the full spectrum of printmaking.

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