CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts: Spring 2005 Exhibition Calendar

"Irreducible: Contemporary Short Form Video"
January 19–March 19, 2005
Opening reception: Tuesday, January 18, 7–8:30 p.m.

An international survey featuring video work by artists from over 20 countries. "Irreducible" brings together recent video works that are structured around a single situation, action or individual, often reinterpreting the process-oriented concerns of performance and conceptual art from the 1970s, while exploring an expanded social and psychological landscape. Artists include Mauricio Alejo, Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Jesper Alvaer, Yael Bartana, Mircea Cantor, Douglas Gordon, Kimsooja, Glenda Leon, Mark Lewis, Mads Lynnerup, Aernout Mik, Will Rogan, Aida Ruilova, Wilhem Sasnal, Song Dong, Fiona Tan, Su-Mei Tse, Gillian Wearing, Wood & Harrison, David Zink Yi and Artur Zmijewski.

Anthony Burdin: New Work
April 7–May 14, 2005

Articulating a complex and hallucinatory California Gothic, Burdin's video installations and drawings explore a kinship between fact and fantasy, between the conventions of pop music and marketing and the obsessive desires of fans. His videos—many of which are made in the 1973 Chevy Nova in which he has lived during much of the past decade—are characterized by a restlessly nomadic aesthetic. Featuring jittery but fluid handheld camera work and the growling voices of Burdin's various alter egos, these videos explore the urban and desert landscapes of Southern California while investigating the interior of the automobile as a charged psychological space.

Capp Street Project 2005: Tariq Alvi
April 7–May 14, 2005

The British-born Indian artist Tariq Alvi's work takes the form of a complex mapping of emotional and psychological landscapes. Recycling and recontextualizing found printed matter (club flyers, restaurant menus, jewelry catalogs, newspaper headlines, classified ads, maps, etc.) into sprawling three-dimensional collage-like works, Alvi's art orients around his self-designated status as an alien—both ethnic and sexual. Alvi's fragile—and often ephemeral—works operate at the threshold of private and public life and seek to reconcile the often contradictory impulses of reality and desire. For his Capp Street Project, Alvi will create a site-specific installation.

Monuments for the USA
April 7–May 14, 2005

Over 100 international artists will devise proposals for political and social monuments appropriate for the people of the United States. Their proposals—which may take the form of drawings, diagrams, maquettes, photo-collages, verbal descriptions, etc.—will be displayed in the gallery. Information and specifications for the proposed monuments will then be published and circulated in hopes that the works will be commissioned or funded. Featured artists will include Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Jessica Diamond, Sam Durant, Thomas Hirschhorn, Zhang Huan, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Ken Lum, Aleksandra Mir, Gary Simmons, Do-Ho Suh, Mark Wallinger, Fred Wilson and many others.