FOR-SITE Foundation Names Wood/Furniture Chair Donald Fortescue as Education Fellow

Donald Fortescue, *Self Contained*, 2001

The FOR-SITE Foundation has awarded its first Educator Fellowship to Donald Fortescue, associate professor and chair of the Wood/Furniture Program at CCA. Fortescue has been awarded the opportunity to organize a graduate-level course at the FORE-SITE residency site near Nevada City for fall 2007 and will also receive a monetary award to cover materials, supplies, and transportation.

"I am honored to be awarded FOR-SITE's first Educator Fellowship. It is exciting to be challenged to set up a practicum at FOR-SITE and to make connections between the urban institution of CCA and the edge-of-wilderness collaborative site provided by FOR-SITE. I can't wait to get up there next year with my students and see what comes out of the experience," said Fortescue.

The FOR-SITE Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, understanding, and presentation of art about place and provides learning opportunities that extend beyond the parameters of traditional academic curricula.

The foundation's board of directors awards an annual fellowship to a gifted educator affiliated with one of the foundation's educational partners.

For more information on the FOR-SITE Foundation, visit FOR-SITE Foundation. For more about the CCA Wood/Furniture Program, see Wood/Furniture.