CCA Inaugural R.A.W. Video Student Competition Winners

CCA's R.A.W. Video student competition yielded some rather raw interpretations. See for yourself!

The winning short films in CCA's R.A.W. (real artists at work) Video student competition are now available to view and share with family and friends (well, maybe just your friends).

Congratulations go out to five inspired CCA student filmmakers who won the first CCA-juried student video competition. Each artist receives $500. The challenge? Create a short interpretive film that captures the CCA experience from the student's perspective.

Requirements: maximum two-minute length; MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format at 640 x 480 resolution with MP3 audio submitted via DVD.

As one might expect, the submissions were as expressive and inspired as CCA's student population itself. While no one particular film can summarize anyone's entire experience here at CCA, the range and creativity depicted in the collection of five films make for a worthwhile composite sketch!

Individual Winning Submissions

Learn more about CCA's R.A.W. Video competition.