*10 x 10 Cities* Exhibition Aligns CCA Architecture Program with AIA San Francisco to Measure Sustainability

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Update: The 10 x 10 exhibition will be in the Nave on CCA's San Francisco campus for the next two weeks, through October 3, 2009. Open to the public daily, 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

The California College of the Arts Architecture Program has partnered with The American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter (AIA San Francisco), HOK, and Matarozzi/Pelsinger Builders to develop 10 x 10 Cities: Green Facts, Challenges, Future, a three-part installation exhibition that uses metrics and analyses to measure sustainable city-planning practices and environments of 10 cities across North America.

The exhibit, which opened April 17 at San Francisco’s 3A Gallery, is presented by the AIA San Francisco and offers a comparative study of Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, San Francisco (host to the AIA annual national convention), Toronto, and Washington DC.

The intention of 10 x 10 Cities is “is to expand and advance conversations about sustainability through a process that actively encourages architects, designers, and citizens to take the positive and immediate steps necessary to mitigate the impact of our everyday behaviors and to engage critically in ameliorating urban contributions to climate change.”

Said CCA Director of Architecture Ila Berman: “The idea of the multiple programmatic lives—to simultaneously be both an exhibition and lounge furniture as well as a catwalk or separation wall—is understood as a strategy that recycles architectural elements in relation to changing programmatic needs. The dimensions and sectional profiles of the modules are generated according to a yin-yang interlocking logic, designed to support material efficiency and therefore minimize waste.”

The 10 x 10 Cities installation is composed of three parts: 10 X 10 Cities Comparative Datascape, 10 Cities’ Exemplary Green Projects Exhibit, and San Francisco Climate Action Plan (CAP) poster project.

In 10 x 10 Cities Comparative Datascape, data was compiled from the 10 representative regional AIA chapters being examined. The data was then filtered through an equal number of criteria: natural disaster potential; geography and urban footprint; public green space, population density, and growth; carbon footprint; water use and water conservation; waste generation and recycling; public transportation and traffic; energy consumption; climate action plan; and quality of life to rank the current practices and environments of each city.

The second part, 10 Cities Exemplary Green Designs, portrays in a pixilated mosaic a comparative analysis of each city’s green projects. Local responses to sustainability issues is presented and compared, and detailed information on each response is distributed via pamphlets.

The third part, 10 Visions for San Francisco’s Climate Action Plan: The Bus Shelter Project, involves displaying posters for each vision on 20 San Francisco MUNI bus shelters to focus on urban design and global city research in the Bay Area and beyond. The posters, each depicting a response put forth by the San Francisco Climate Action Plan, illustrate possible change to the urban landscape. Posters were designed by URBANlab students, an innovative curriculum component of CCA’s Architecture Program, coordinated by faculty member Mona El Khafif, who also conceptualized and designed the exhibit).

The poster project addresses the following: recycle waste, revitalize urban terrain, recircuit modes of transit, resource local water, resize our urban footprint, rehabilitate underutilized and dilapidated city spaces, redesign buildings to embody green principles, renew clean energy, respect our environment and social justice, and reverse global warming.

The necessity of sustainability also is demonstrated through the materials used to build the exhibit itself; the installation has been designed as modules to be easily rearranged for alternative show spaces, as well as reaggregated for new data collected.

10x10 Cities: Green Facts, Challenges, Futures is on view April 17–May 15 at 3A Gallery, located at 101 South Park Street, San Francisco. 3A Gallery is free and open to the public Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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