Nikola Otto: International Fulbright Scholar

diploma work - "Freiraum"

Nikola Otto

Born 1980 in Regensburg, Germany

2006 Visual Communication—University of Applied Sciences (Würzburg, Germany)
Studied at the Instituto Profesional ARCOS, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Professional Experience
2006 graphic designer, BüroX, Vienna, Austria
2004 editorial designer, Gabriele Lenz, büro für visuelle gestaltung, and Pilz Werbeagentur

Nikola Otto studied visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg, Germany, as well as at the Instituto Profesional ARCOS in Santiago de Chile, Chile. She graduated in 2006 in Germany.

She started to work in Vienna, Austria, as a graphic designer for BüroX, working a lot in culture, as well as in advertising and annual report design. Later she worked for Gabriele Lenz–büro für visuelle gestaltung and Pilz Werbeagentur, mainly focusing on editorial design.

In 2006 she was nominated for a Fulbright scholarship that finally brought her to the United States and enrolled in CCA's Graduate Program in Design, which keeps her busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"Studying at CCA is a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizon and learn things I could never have learned in Europe—professional, personal, and cultural—and it is a great chance for me to develop further. It’s exciting to know that I am learning things which I will hopefully bring back to Germany one day to pass them on to whoever is interested in them."

Nikola is an independent self-starter who is interested in culture, cultural exchange, customs, languages, music, theater, environment—not just design. If possible she'd take back to Germany with her all her new American friends to show them that there is so much more to Germany than merely what is taught in school.

Nikola loves her family, her friends (who are like family), her pets that had to remain in Europe, food and cooking, and in particular the first 20 minutes in a new city captured through her camera's lens.