Meet a Junior: Lily Kolle

Lily is a third-year industrial design major originally from Seattle, WA. Thanks for the interview, Lily!

What do you like best about the CCA community?

What really impresses me about CCA is how supportive - rather than competitive - everyone is. Everyone wants to see their classmates succeed. We share information and teach each other programs and model making tips, and when someone makes a mistake, they share it so that the rest of us won’t make the same mistake. It seems like this environment is rare in an art school, and it's what I really like about CCA.

What's been your most interesting project this year? What about the most challenging?

This year I'm taking a portfolio class, and pulling together all my work and trying to make it look professional has been the toughest project this year. A lot of my projects were focused on one part of the design process but my portfolio needs to show a complete design process, so I had to do a lot of reworking and revisiting old projects.

Any current or long-standing book/movie/music fascinations?

Documentaries like Rip: a Remix Manifesto, Objectified and Helvetica are really useful in knowing what's going on in the art world.

Cheap eats for students around campus?

Dos Pinas: $3.50 for a big burrito. And the taco truck at Jackson Park.

Did you live in the dorms your first year?

The dorms are so much fun. I lived in the apartments and hung out in the Clifton lounge, and that arrangement worked out perfectly. I had space and a kitchen and peace and quiet at my apartment (although we did have a lot of dance parties), and I could get myself into the dorms with my key card and hang out with my friends. Each floor is different - I liked the second floor. We would always bake cookies and share them, play video games and go out to movies together.

Seen anything particularly well-designed lately?

I really appreciate Apple's attention to detail through the entire manufacturing process, and IDEOs unique design process. The BMW Gina is really exciting as a concept car, too.

Treasures around the CCA campus to share?

The architecture students are always making these big white sculptures for the school. I think there are three now, and one of them goes over the stairs and grows and shrinks! The students come in the middle of the night and add/subtract panels throughout the year.

See you in 2010!