R.A.W. Video Student Competition Winners Make Their Debut

The winning short videos in CCA’s annual R.A.W. Video (Real Artists at Work) student competition are playing near you! As expected, the range of subject interpretation was as impressive and wildly creative as the CCA student body itself.

For this year’s competition in which each of the five winning filmmakers received $500 (and a $100 award for honorable mention), undergraduate contestants were challenged to create a short video depicting the CCA-based theme “culture of critique.”

To enter the contest, students had to create videos following specific video submission requirements: (1) maximum two-minute length; (2) high-resolution digital video; (3) included audio.

The competition proved tough, yet after the six-person panel of judges (a combination of staff and faculty including Film Program chair Rob Epstein, and Graphic Design and First Year associate professor Jim Kenney) reviewed all submissions and deliberated accordingly, the decisions were unanimous.

Head to the links below, check out the inspired winning videos, and share with friends and family. Congratulations to all six filmmakers!

2009 Winning Submissions

Pave the Way, CCA
Jim Allison, Film

A Creative Culture of Critique
Ted Hayden, Film

Whirl Wind of Thoughts
Allati El Henson, Graphic Design

The Island of Critique
Justin Holbrook, Graphic Design

The Art of Discerning
Nikolaos Skourtis, Graphic Design

Honorable Mention

Art Stars
Weston Wiener, First Year Program

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