CCA Media Arts Students Live it Up at Sundance Film Festival

(l to r) Jim Allison, Adam Behrmann, Chun-Ping Wang, Edward Hayden, Rebecca Reilly, and Erinn Clancy

Yesterday California College of Arts faculty member Cheryl Dunye escorted 12 CCA Media Arts students on one of the most exciting adventures a student could dream up: a weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Students arrived sleepy-eyed at the crack of dawn at the San Francisco International Airport to board their plane, but the excitement stayed in the air and kept everyone amped up for a good time.

Upon arriving in Park City, students immediately attended the screening of Howl, produced and directed by Media Arts cochair Rob Epstein and codirector Jeffrey Friedman. Students felt the red carpet was literally rolled out for them as they were escorted into the theater, as well as afterward during the Q&A, when Rob acknowledged his students (who in turn gave him a rousing applause).

And what about Howl? When asked to describe it, “AMAZING!” is how Media Arts student Adam Behrmann described it.

After the screening CCA students made it over to festival’s New Frontier section to catch art films, installations, and new concept film projects, such as actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt's (500 Days of Summer) hitRECord production company that offers a new approach to filmmaking through online networking. Students met the popular actor as he explained in detail how anyone can participate in making films via the Internet. Students also saw some shorts that illustrated the potential of collaborative filmmaking in the age of online connectedness.

Stay tuned as CCA students report more exciting happenings from Sundance. We hope our students got some sleep last night because today they’ll be attending many more screenings.