2010 R.A.W. Video Contest Winners Race Across Finish Line

Graduate Program in Design student Jesse Geller's Home Street Home earned highest honors in CCA's R.A.W. Video student contest. Want to cast your own vote? Details about CCA's first-ever R.A.W. Video Audience Award coming soon!

R.A.W. Video Contest Winners Announced

The results of CCA's annual R.A.W. Video contest (real artists @ work) have funneled in, and despite the popular notion Film majors can easily handle any whoop-de-dos or moguls to wheel into first place in such a juried video competition, this year's top-awarded student is Jesse Geller of the Graduate Program in Design. His Home Street Home video, a great mini-epic about his free-riding journey from New York to San Francisco, compares the bike cultures of each city as well as illustrates why CCA is his "home away from home, away from home."

2010 Winners

First Place: Home Street Home
Jesse Geller (Graphic Design)

Second Place: i ride my bike . . .
Robin Tilby (Film Program)

Third place: Will Manville: Bike Art
Ted Hayden (Film Program)
(Note: 2009 R.A.W. Video winner for CCA: A Creative Culture of Critique)

Fourth place: Two Wheels Attached to a Frame
Jim Allison (Film Program)
(Note: 2009 R.A.W. Video winner for Pave the Way; and 2008 R.A.W. Video winner for Learn Create Live)

Fifth place: As Easy as Riding a Bike
Max Batt (Graphic Design)

(Judges asked Max how he got the bike chain to move in his video: "In order to animate that bike chain," Max revealed, "it had to be treated as animated text. So what I ended up doing was creating a new font and swapping out the letter V for the image of one single chain link. That way I could repeat this new V over and over to create the animated chain effect. I think there ended up being like a thousand Vs or something. It was crazy.")

Special Distinction

Kimberly Bainum (Film Program)

CCA Bikes
Suzanne Baxter (Graphic Design)

Comments from Film Chair Rob Epstein

Film Program chair Rob Epstein, the Lance Armstrong of filmmakers—with no fewer than two Academy Awards, five Emmy Awards, three Peabodys, and Guggenheim and Rockefeller Fellowships shared with Telling Pictures partner and CCA visiting artist Jeffrey Friedman—had this to say: "The overall quality of entries this year was very impressive. It was a challenge to come up with just five so-called winners, but they do represent a broad range of submissions from several different CCA programs. . . . I love the humanity of the piece [Robin Tilby's i ride my bike), and the fact that she had faith in its simplicity." Rob also praised Ted Hayden's Will Manville: Bike Art (about the CCA senior painter who practices bike art): "Good choice of subject, well shot, edited, and constructed."

About Jesse Geller's Winning Video

"I've always relied on bikes to get around," admits Geller. "So when I saw the R.A.W. Video contest was focusing on CCA's bike culture, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to share one of my passions. I decided what I really wanted to do was tell a story—a personal account of my transition to San Francisco and CCA. Having ridden my bike in New York for over 5 years, every time I get on my bike in San Francisco, I'm struck by the differences between each city's respective bike cultures. And because cyclists experience travel from a very different perspective than pedestrians or motorists, I included that experience, too."

Geller's hip, time-elapsed depiction of "CCA bike culture (as you see it)," the designated theme for this year's contest, made his two-minute video bunny hop to first place among a record number of more than 40 submissions! "I think it was a great concept and gave students direction for their videos," shared Director of Student Life Noki Seekao. "Additionally, from a Student Life perspective, it encourages students to use alternative modes of transportation as well as align themselves with the college's values."

R.A.W. Is an Interdisciplinary Opportunity

Despite many of the submissions representing CCA's Film Program, it's important to note that in addition to Design taking the lead, other non-Film submissions included Animation, Graduate Program in Fine Arts, MFA Program in Writing, and Photography. Whether it's the R.A.W. Video contest or the new R.A.W. Photography contest, this unique contest unites CCA's student population in creative ways regardless of discipline.

Each R.A.W. Video participant was encouraged to review previous years' awarded entries to grip his or her sense of the creative range this contest rides. However, equally challenging for the filmmaker is upholding the designated theme, which in the past has included "the culture of critique" (2009) and the "CCA experience from a student's perspective" (2008). Got an idea for next year's theme? Send to Senior Marketing Manager Clay Walsh.

To enter the contest students had to create videos that followed specific submission requirements: (1) maximum two-minute length; (2) high-resolution digital video; (3) included audio.

This year's jury was composed of eight judges (a combination of staff and faculty including Film Program chair Rob Epstein, and Graphic Design and First Year associate professor Jim Kenney) reviewed all submissions and deliberated accordingly. Final results were determined using a point system: first choice = 5 points; second choice = 4 points; third choice = 3 points; fourth choice = 2 points; and fifth choice = 1 point.

"I truly feel CCA's bike culture comes across in not just the winning videos, but also all the other entries in to this year's R.A.W. Video contest," said Walsh. "The bar was raised really high this year, and I enjoyed the variety of styles and approaches—from animation to motion graphics to documentary. Very inspiring!"

And as this feature nears the crossing line, a wheel-spinning note of appreciation is due to the folks at Mike's Bikes, who supported this contest by offering $50 gift certificates to each of the winners as well as official Mike's Bikes water bottles to all participants!

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