Real Artists at Work (RAW) Photography Contest Winners Announced

R.A.W.! R.A.W.!, R.A.W.! Three cheers (and $100 each) for the finalists in CCA’s inaugural 2010 R.A.W. Photo (real artists @ work) contest, which had as its theme “living within CCA’s residence halls.”

Undergraduates currently living on campus were challenged to submit standalone images that capture a moment, a mood, a memory, or other quality of CCA’s residential life. (And in the case of the Special Distinction award, below, a series of images was submitted that collectively told a story about residential hall living.)

Seven faculty and staff persons comprised the jury that judged the submissions. A point system and individual ranking were used to determine the winning selections.

Said CCA Residential Life Director Jeannine Szamreta: “It’s exciting to see how much fun our students are having while living in our residence halls. ‘Twister’ symbolizes how our students from all backgrounds come together as a community to challenge and support each other as artists. I especially loved the woman cooking in the lounge kitchen, because it represents a necessary skill needed for a healthy balance as a student in and out of the classroom.”

About the Winners

First Place
CCA Ceramics undergraduate Maria Estrada took first place for Twister, which playfully depicts Clifton Hall residents involved in a round of Twister (a game that entangles players as they are challenged to match their hands and feet to randomly assigned colored dots). "Honestly, I entered the contest because of the prize and the fact that as a college student, I need those easy ways of earning cash. But I did enjoy taking photos of the Twister event. I was able to see the competitive side of some people [from the residence hall], especially when you're playing for chocolate-chip cookies."

Second Place
Second place was awarded to first-year Architecture student Xiangdi “Diz” Wang for Look at Me!, a semi-abstract depiction of students basking in the late-afternoon sun outside Clifton Hall. “I enjoy living in Clifton Hall,” shared Diz. “There is a lot of fun and people around here. I love it.” As for the digital image itself: “This photo was made using a 10-22mm lens. I use it to shoot a lot of landscape images outside of Clifton's window, which offers a gorgeous view.”

Third Place
First-year Photography student Jessica Jones’s Easy as Mac and Cheese earned third place: "I think my mom's biggest worry concerning me going away to college was not the distance, but rather my inability to cook. She'd be proud to know that living in the dorms has forced me to break the habit, and visit the lounge kitchen once in awhile."

Special Distinction
First-year Photography student Dierdre Cook's Residential Life series garnered a special distinction award: "We study hard and party late, but we try to sleep whenever we can. I’d say we live normal residential lives: going on adventures . . . hanging out . . . cooking . . . and going shopping."

CCA's Clay Walsh, senior marketing manager within the colleges Communications Office, added: "What a fun contest! I was thrilled to see the creative ways in which the students expressed themselves with their cameras. I feel you can really see them let loose and show a side of their lives that isn't in the studio or studying. We really enjoyed what the students had to share with us for the inaugural R.A.W. Photo contest, and I am very excited to see this contest grow for years to come."

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