CCA Community Members Dive In to Make OPENwater a Big Splash

Several members from CCA’s community are engaging themselves in OPENwater, a two-day event scheduled for November 13–14 that celebrates the collaboration between SFMOMA and the artists, chefs, and educators who comprise OPENrestaurant—a self-described “collective of restaurant professionals who sought to move their environment to an art space as a way to experiment with the language of their daily activities.”

OPENwater is a temporary restaurant and educational advocacy space where a focus is placed on California’s water issues—weaving topics such as the Bay-Delta's food, water, politics, ecology, and art. The event will take place at St. George Spirits, a large distillery in Alameda, located on the former Navy base. It will incorporate video, a 3D sound environment, panel discussions, and informal encounters with artists, fishing industry representatives, biologists, and preservationists—all of whom are examining the aesthetics and water-based politics in California.

OPENwater will also have members from the college—representing undergraduate, graduate, alumni, and leadership faculty—on hand to share their art at this politically and ecologically themed event:

Sculpture Undergraduate Travis McFlynn, with the partnership of Ceramics chair Nathan Lynch and the Ceramics Department, is creating a set of earthenware plates that address the disappearance of the Chinook salmon in Bay Area waterways by embossing the ghost of a salmon onto dishes that will be used to serve a “salmon dinner without any salmon.”

MFA/MA dual-degree candidate Sita Bhaumik (Fine Arts / Visual and Critical Studies) will be choreographing gestures during the “First Salmon Dinner,” the traditional Native American meal that marks the beginning of the salmon season.

Alumna Lauren Marsden (MFA Social Practice 2010) will present Bureau of Reclamation, a one-person performance whose focus is the engineering of California's waterways.

Painting/Drawing chair Kim Anno will present a video installation as a part of curated sound and video environments within the event’s space.

Installations and performances by Sita Bhaumik, Jennifer Kimbell, Denise King, Leslie Terzian Markoff, Lauren Marsden, Travis McFlynn, Jessica Niello, David Wilson, and The Perish Trust.

Video works by Kim Anno and Ricardo Rivera, Cynthia Hooper, Martin Machado, Christina McPhee, and Chris Sollars, with others.

Sound works by Jen Belleville and James Goode, with curation assistance by VOLUME.

Food by Cal Peternell / Chez Panisse, Chris Lee / Eccolo, Chris Kronner / Bar Tartine, Peko Peko, Hog Island, Magnolia Brewery, Beaune Imports, Four Barrel, and St. George Spirits.

Bar food & drinks — $5/10
Dinners $65 – Lunch $30 by reservation (includes a drink and a letterpress-edition menu)

To view the schedule of events, make a reservation, or receive additional information, visit