Meet a First-Year: Jake Hicks

credit: Sarah McGee

Happy New Year!

Here at CCA, applications for the fall semester are pouring in, and we're already feeling good vibes from our prospective entering class. Keep it comin'! In the meantime, here's another great first-year for you to meet. Jake Hicks is about to begin his second semester at CCA.

Hey, Jake! Where are you from? How was the move?
I’m from upstate New York, 13 miles from Canada. The move was interesting. We had to ship two large military-style lockers, and living in a city is definitely different from what I’m used to. I don’t have to drive 25 miles to get to the nearest grocery store.

What's it been like to adjust to art school?
I can concentrate on my work, and it’s what I want to do. I’m also a lot more driven to make my own art since I’m surrounded by art all the time.

How are you enjoying the Bay Area?
The Bay Area is the best. It’s got everything I want: nice folks, an eco-conscious mindset, an active art community, accessibility to connections, and an interesting microclimate.

Do you think you see the world as a designer or as a fine artist? Is there a difference?
There are times when I want to create something that works the best it can, and I don’t care how it looks. Other times, I do things simply for aesthetic purposes or to instill some sort of emotional response. Really, I just want people to think more.

Has your artwork changed this semester? Do you think you see things any differently?
I think it has changed, for the better. I take my time more, despite the deadlines, and I do things for me rather than to please someone else. Since coming to college, I see things with more perspective.

What are you most looking forward to here at CCA?
I’m looking forward to everyone I’m going to meet, and all the things I will see, create, and take in. I’m also looking forward to finding more of myself through the experience as well as through what I’m making.

Where do you get inspiration for your best ideas?
The things that definitely help are information and research, and friends, especially when they’re doing their projects, which often spark something for me.

Favorite power snack?
Brown rice or carrots. No coffee or energy drinks for me.

Lastly, any special talents to share?
My hair continues to stand straight up at four and a half inches.

Yikes! Real talent. Thanks, Jake. Okay, everyone: Don't forget about the February 1 priority deadline. Email me if you've got questions about the process!

See you later this month!