First-year Tania Butterworth Experiments with Light and Installation

You may remember first-year Tania Butterworth from our interview last fall, when we discussed adventurous artmaking, sources of inspiration, baked goods and, of course, the Skymall catalog.

Tania’s back on the blog this week, and we’ve got some of her artwork this time! This is a light installation Tania made in Sculpture 1.

Wired with LED lights, the wax-cast hands in this piece are “an homage to human capability,” says Tania. Intending to create work that was “quiet and engaging,” Tania painted black a tiny installation space that allowed for no more than 2 or 3 participants at once. She mounted mirrors to keep the viewer’s eye active and to involve the viewer’s reflection in the piece. (Sorry, internet viewer, not you. Not yet, anyway).

Here's a throwback to another glowing art piece we featured on the blog. Hey, don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed!