Painting Alumna Noriko Rose: Artwork Before and After CCA

As an admissions counselor, I have the enjoyable task of reviewing lots of stellar applicant portfolios during the fall. It’s really fun to see this initial work transform over the course of a student’s CCA education.

So for others who love comparing the beginning with the end (well, not the real end), here’s a satisfying before-and-after post for you.

Noriko Rose (Painting/Drawing 2011) has always loved manipulating colors on canvas. In her first semester at CCA, she worked primarily within predetermined concepts, developing specific themes and confining her work to these ideas.

As she began to work more closely with her peers and professors, she realized this particular creative process felt somewhat unnatural to her. She now works less rigidly and intentionally yields much of the decision making to her audience.

Her technique and approach to concept has changed dramatically, she says, thanks to her experience working with CCA professors such as painter Christopher Brown. Her professors at CCA encouraged her to experiment, leading her to develop a more flexible and resilient approach to art making.

View the slideshow to see examples of the artist's work then and now!