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What do CCA students do when they’re not studying, making, designing, building, creating, or writing? Well, a variety of things of course, including growing a number of CCA student groups and organizations that provide ample opportunities for students to engage in student body planning or socialize, or both.

Depending on your interest and commitment, chances are good there’s a student organization or group that’s right for you.

Why join an organization? For starters, it’s an opportunity to build a community network and meet other supportive peers at CCA who share similar interests. You may not only broaden your skills and talents but also learn to organize both on- and off-campus events around the Bay Area.

Take a look at what CCA Student Life looks like!

Students of Color Coalition

Did you know CCA has a group dedicated to the success and retention of students of color? The Students of Color Coalition (SCC) is a student-run organization that raises visibility and increases influence of students of color at CCA.

“Students engage, empower, and support one another, creating a safe space and inclusive community in which they can explore their identities, make connections, and become leaders,” says SCC staff advisor Fonda Yoshimoto.

The SCC is a relatively new group geared toward students at any level who want to connect with others at CCA. The group holds regular monthly discussion meetings and numerous events throughout the year, such as throwing a follow up to last semester’s successful Open Mic Night.

In the past, students have gone on field trips, such as to Pixar Animation Studios where Art Director Bryn Imagire talked about what it means to be a woman of color in the animation industry. They also got to spend some quality time with CCA Animation alumnus Daniel Gonzales and hear firsthand about life after CCA.

SCC students also collaborated on a project with CCA enrollment counselor Sherie Gilmore-Cleveland during which they had lunch and participated in a letter-writing campaign that connected CCA students with those who were awarded diversity scholarships.

SCC staff advisor Courtney Chung added, “What makes this student group unique is that it provides an outlet for students of color to feel safe and more open to participate.”

The first Students of Color Coalition Exhibition will be held December 7 to showcase the breadth of work being done by CCA’s diverse student body as well as encourage all students to come together in support of one another.

Asian Student Association

CCA’s Asian Student Association (ASA) promotes ethnic and cultural awareness in appreciation of Eastern diversity as well as organizes various social events in the spirit of entertainment, friendship, and unity.

ASA member and Design MBA student Alivin Cheung notes, “We focus on the importance of campus and community interaction and strive to create bonds within the Asian student body and throughout the CCA community by providing activities where students of similar backgrounds can meet and environments that foster the exchange of cultural knowledge."

To kick off the fall semester, join the ASA for a “welcome to CCA” mixer the first week of classes on Thursday, September 8, at noon on the Oakland campus.

Queer/Straight Alliance

Another valuable resource is CCA’s Queer/Straight Alliance (QSA), providing a safe space in which all individuals can be free of harassment, discrimination, isolation, judgment, or violence—or any combination thereof—that occurs because of who they are.

The QSA also strives to raise public awareness through multiple perspectives about diverse issues surrounding the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and its presence at CCA. Last year the QSA kicked off the academic year with a series of “meet and greet” pizza lunches, hosted a table at the winter Holiday Fair, and sponsored Team CCA at the San Francisco AIDS Walk.

This year students can look forward to a QSA “Welcome Back” Mixer as well as participating in the college’s “It Gets Better” video initiative (to help LGBT youth deal with their feelings associated with being bullied and harassed in school), and much more!

CCA Supports Sustainability

Interested in making a contribution to sustainability? Founded in 2008, the Future Action Reclamation Mob (FARM), is an alternative form of nonviolent protest, reclaiming unused public space to build community. FARM participants actively work to revitalize the city-owned land adjacent to CCA’s San Francisco campus.

Open to all students, and in collaboration with UC Davis (who sends CCA seeds and starters!), FARM is a place to put plans into action. The group has started a lovely urban garden that runs along Hooper Street on northern side of the main building.

Student leader Alicia Greenleaf touts, “FARM is all about getting people motivated and empowered to grow food and be in dirt while getting away from their computers.”

One particular goal FARM members seek to achieve is making everyone aware the garden is free—anyone can plant something or eat from it. Right now there are strawberries, baby chard, and fava beans . . . a new bed of potatoes is coming . . . all ready to be harvested and enjoyed by others who are ecologically minded. Remember, this public garden belongs to everyone.

“People tend to be disconnected from nature here in San Francisco,” says Greenleaf. “We are missing this and I felt that we really need something to get people involved in an ongoing movement to bring green to the city.”

More CCA Student Groups & Organizations

Visit the complete list of current CCA student groups and organizations, which includes a basketball club, an international group, and clubs specific to academic majors such as Architecture, Ceramics, Glass, Interior Design, and much more.

Stop by Chimeratopia Wednesday, September 7, from 2 to 4 p.m. on the Oakland campus to learn other ways to get involved or to just simply check out the CCA scene. This free event encourages students to mingle and meet other student groups and local organizations.

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