2011 R.A.W. Photo Contest: Winning Images Capture a Day in the Life at CCA

First Place: "Exciting Times with the JET Mill" by Santiago Portilla

Congratulations to all the student finalists in CCA’s second annual R.A.W. Photo (real artists @ work) contest, which had as its theme “A Day in the Life at CCA.”

Contestants were challenged to submit up to five standalone images that depict a project, moment, mood, memory, or other quality of CCA life taken from the student perspective. As expected, the results were as varying as the students themselves!

The Winners

A six-person jury composed of faculty and staff members judged the submissions. A point system was used to determine the winning selections. Student used an online voting form to select the Audience Award recipient.

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CCA’s Senior Marketing Manager Clay Walsh noted, “We upped the ante this year by opening up the contest to all students -- as opposed to last year’s inaugural contest in which only Residence Life students could compete. We also included the entire student body with the advent of the Audience Award category. I’m thrilled with this year’s level of participation, and the cumulative result is an incredibly colorful and creative selection of beautiful camera work taken by CCA students from a notably wide variety of programs.”

About the Winners

First Place

Second-year Industrial Design undergraduate Santiago Portilla took highest honors for Fun Times with the JET mill, which skillfully depicts a student engaged in maneuvering the high-end drill press. The spectacular detail of the exploding sawdust into the air made this image a true winner.

Portilla admits, “I had fun shooting it. The light in the model-making room can be really pretty in the mornings.” Photography chair Tammy Rae Carland concurred the photograph portrayed an interesting perspective of a student deeply involved in creating an active use of the machine.

This winning photo was also a huge hit among students.

Second Place

Industrial Design student Chris Swoszowski placed this year, for Bike Seats, a depiction of two plastic bike seats being pulled out of the vacuum-former machine.

Bike Seats presents a moment in the vacuum-forming process, right after the heated plastic has formed around two foam positives,” shared Swoszowski. “The vacuum former is one of many machines in the CCA shop that allows industrial designers, and many others, to explore their creativity.”

Third Place

Senior Painting/Drawing student Bryant Sina’s Paris R earned third place for his vibrant studio shot. "This photo is of Paris Reid painting a self-portrait in oils on board. I submitted this image because it allows the viewer to see the process of her craft and behind the scenes of CCA's San Francisco Painting classroom.”

Audience Award

Senior Writing and Literature major Shaun Vivares’s photo of a somewhat gory film shoot was a clear favorite in this new student-jury Audience Award category.

According to Vivares, “This was taken after I finished shooting the last scene of my final. It was great fun -- I love filmmaking. But it also isn't cheap; you have to spend a lot for props and equipment, so I figured I'd enter the R.A.W. Photo contest and have CCA help pay for the production.”

Among the voter comments: “provides a humorous look at a CCA film project”; “shocking and thrilling”; “shows the joy of making films”; and “portrays an uplifting feel and it conveys what CCA students are like!”

Have an idea for next year’s theme for the R.A.W. Photo contest? Send your ideas to cwalsh@cca.edu.


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