San Francisco: America's Greenest City!

(film still) "Design Thinking" by CCA alumna and faculty member [Indhira Susana Rojas Sánchez

The Huffington Post published the following article by Aaron Sankin October 8, 2012:

America's Greenest City: San Francisco Now Reuses 80 Percent of Its Waste

San Francisco has reached a crucial milestone in its quest to become the greenest city in America. Late last week, the city announced that it successfully diverted 80 percent of its waste away from landfills and into compost or recycling programs in 2011 -- the highest level achieved by any major city in the country.

This accomplishment is a significant step on the path to the city's ultimate goal of diverting 100 percent of its waste by the year 2020.

"San Francisco is demonstrating once again that zero waste is an achievable and environmentally responsible goal," said Board of Supervisors President David Chiu in a statement. "I thank [San Francisco trash collector] Recology and the Department of Environment staff who are reaching out and educating our residents and businesses to make sure they continue to recycle and compost our way to zero waste."

"Recycling and composting is not only good for our environment, it is also good for our economy," added Mayor Ed Lee. "Recycling alone creates 10 times more jobs than simply sending refuse to the landfill."

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Viewing Opportunity

Upholding sustainable practices and developing related solutions are an inherent part of the curriculum at CCA. Interaction Design faculty member Indhira Susana Rojas Sánchez (MFA Design 2010) focused her attention on recycling while a student and she continues to inspire her students today.

The following videos capture her research about recycling in the Dominican Republic that she made as part of her Center Student grant presentation:

Design Thinking: Recycling Practices for the Dominican Republic, Part I
Part II
Part III

Watch a related video of a guerrilla-marketing intervention project that set out to document just one-fifth of the trash created in a single weekend here at CCA. The project was part of faculty Eric Heiman's Graphic Design III course in fall 2009.