Fifth Annual CCA R.A.W. Video Student Contest Knows No Boundaries


CCA Graphic Design student Tyson Wischerath is the first-place winner of CCA’s 2012 R.A.W. Video (real artists at work) student contest for his video, Boundless City, which best upheld this year’s “No Boundaries” theme.

Wischerath’s winning video depicts skateboarding, exploring, and gathering inspiration on a sunny day in San Francisco. Based on the voting results, the video was a clear favorite among judges and students alike!

2012 R.A.W. Video Winners

This year’s R.A.W. Video contest challenged the CCA student body to capture the CCA community in a moment of “boundarylessness.” Despite the loosely defined theme, the results indicated students knew how to prove themselves creative as always. The submissions represented a wide variety of majors.

Past themes: “In and Out of the Studio” (2011); “CCA’s Bike Culture” (2010); "Culture of Critique" (2009); and the "CCA Experience from a Student's Perspective" (2008).

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The top-three winners each received a $500 cash reward, while the Special Distinction and Audience Award recipients each received $100. All awardees were issued a $40 gift certificate (courtesy of our friends at Arch Supplies).

FIRST PLACE: Boundless City
Tyson Wischerath (Graphic Design)

SECOND PLACE: Can't Hide This Feeling
Robert Gomez (MFA/MA Media Arts / Visual and Critical Studies

THIRD PLACE: CCA RAW Video: No Boundaries 2012
Sudi Wachspress (Film Program)

SPECIAL DISTINCTION: Running Shadow, Frozen Body
Wei Jiao (Film Program)

AUDIENCE AWARD: No Boundaries by Nicolas Collins
Nicolas Collins (Film Program)

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About the Videos

Boundless City
For Boundless City, Wischerath wanted to focus on the universal experience of gathering inspiration, regardless of the artistic medium.

Wischerath notes, “It was about getting out and taking advantage of living in the vibrant Bay Area, as opposed to getting lost in our resourceful, but addictive computer environments. I'm glad I got to represent this active part of the creative process for this contest.” We’re glad you participated, too, Tyson!

Can’t Hide This Feeling
For Robert Gomez’s video, Film Program faculty and judge Jeanne Finley remarked: “This video was conceptually sophisticated and best evoked the theme of the R.A.W. contest. The energy infected the viewer with the power that the possibilities of art without boundaries can produce.”

Gomez shared, “Kenny's work is an exciting interdisciplinary exploration into hip hop, programming, and performance. That, when paired with my interest in music-video techniques of telling stories through music, dance, and moving image, we found we had a really dynamic team.

“Last, how could our background be any better? A Clarion alley mural of Malcom X saying, ‘I believe that I am going to die doing the things I love.’ It seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate our passion for living our lives through art."

CCA RAW Video: No Boundaries 2012
Because of CCA’s interdisciplinary environment, finding students inspired or influenced by other students was important to Sudi Wachspress, who explained, “I wanted to find people who are all studying different things at CCA and show how there are no boundaries between the relationships of these students.

“And with that, you might find artists in certain majors who are crossing lines of mediums or concepts.”

(Fun fact: Sudi produces his own music under the name “Space Ghost!”)

Running Shadow, Frozen Body
Film student Wei Jiao opens up with us about the inspiration for his video: "I wanted to express the culture shock I had after I came to the U.S. As an international student, I always felt something was wrong, but I couldn't say what it was. Maybe because of different languages or cultures, I just wanted to tell the audience my strange feelings in a visual way. I got inspired when I met the girl drawing on the bus. She could communicate with the city through her drawing. Why could I not break the boundary? So I tried to use art to communicate with other people, and I got a response. To be frank, I have not broken the boundary yet...but I am still trying to."

Students Chime in for Their Peers

Once again we solicited feedback from the CCA student body to tell us which video they would have given top honors. No Boundaries by Nicolas Collins, by Nicolas Collins, ranked highest among student favs for his film that involves about a dozen students helping with tasks from acting to directing to working the grip.

Student comments:

“Great humor, editing, and quality . . . while still giving you a view inside of CCA.”

“I think it is well constructed and well edited and has a slight comedy that is sophisticated and reflective. … intelligent without being obnoxious.”

“The quality of shots/sound, especially the interaction between the two. Humor, acting, content . . . everything. No forgetting what the theme is. Nice cuts and transitions. Very well done!”

“Seeing as the theme for the competition this year piqued my interest,” shared Collins. “I set out to make a video that contained so much, yet felt completely satisfying within a two-minute running time.”

(Communications Office: Please don’t try this at home -- meaning, removing promotional material before the contest is over!)

R.A.W. Contest Is an Interdisciplinary Opportunity

In addition to the many submissions by CCA's Film Program students, other non-Film students represented the following programs:

Graduate Program in Design
Graphic Design
Interaction Design
MBA in Design Strategy

Whether it's R.A.W. Video or R.A.W. Photo, these unique contests unite CCA's student population -- regardless of discipline -- in creative and inspiring ways.

Contest Specifications

To enter the R.A.W. Video contest, students had to create videos that followed specific submission requirements:

  • maximum two-minute length
  • high-resolution digital video
  • included audio (approved)

This year's jury was composed of seven judges (a combination of faculty and staff). A point system was used to determine the final results:

first choice = 3 points
second choice = 2 points
third choice = 1 point

"Once again I can only say how exciting and valuable this contest is,” said Director of Marketing Clay Walsh. “Each year, when the videos come pouring in the hour before deadline, I can’t wait to dig in. Organizing the R.A.W. contests is one of my favorite aspects of my job."

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