Notable Glass Alumni

We invite you to learn more about the following alumni of CCA's Glass Program by visiting the websites listed below to review their current work, see what projects or events are coming up, read about past accomplishments, and learn how CCA shaped their vision as artists.

Graduates leave CCA with the ability to realize their most adventurous ideas and the motivation to make a positive impact on the world -- ready to succeed in studio practice, the professional workplace, or a top-tier graduate program.


Zak Timan 2009
Josh Hershman 2008
Michael Patton 2008
Benjamin Brown 2007
Karen Swezey 2006
Jonah Ward 2006
Catherine Hart 2004
Wiley Jackson 2004
Steve Parcher 2004
James McLeod 2002
Jeff Benroth 1996
Jane D’Arensbourg 1996
Duncan House, Glass and Ceramics, 1996
Erik Eiserling 1993
Boyd Sugiki 1991
Elin Christopherson 1989
Annie Morhauser 1979
Randy Strong 1972


Guido Gerlitz 2004
Reddy Lieb 2004
Lynne-Rachel Altman 1994
Jeremy Popolka 1989
David Ruth 1987
Robert Herhusky 1985
Mary White 1980