Announcing Humble Pie, Volume 7

Humble Pie, Volume 7, the undergraduate literary magazine of California College of the Arts, was released December 2012.

About Humble Pie

The literary journal features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. It's made for and by students, many of whom are Writing and Literature majors, but also features the work of other Bay Area undergraduate students.

Humble Pie is published semi-annually, toggling between an online edition (fall) and a print version (spring). Interested students should review the submission guidelines or email Caroline Goodwin, who is the faculty editor, at

Featured Artists

Artist Bios

Maio Alvear, Kellie Arceneaux, Ava Barez, Jenna Blengino, Zoe Brezsny, Andie Bustillos, Zoë Ozma, Jeffrey Bussey, Jonah Carothers, Nathaniel Cho, Cella Costanza, Haegen Crosby, Anabel Curry, Kevin, Demery, Tristan Donato, Will Durkee, Wilson Erb, Rayniel Estrella, Will Giovacchini, Sami Graf, Nick Heskes, Jessica Jenkins, Jessica Padilla, Henry Parsons, Isabel Patino, B. Andreina Prado, Bennett Rust, Nicholas Sazani, Sela Shiloni, Danielle Smith, Samantha Thompson, Diana Valenzuela, Nina Veaco, Jacob Warren, Woodrow White, Megan Yamanaka, Shou Yuan


Fiction Editors
Vanessa Hernandez
Alora Young

Poetry Editor
Nathan Gale

Visual Editors
Michael Gallagher
Ceci Miras
David Shane

Creative Director
Chelsa Lauderdale

Managing Editor
Susan L. Lin

Faculty Editor
Caroline Goodwin

Humble Pie Archives

Visit the literary magazine's archives to read past volumes.