Summer Animation Course

Animation Production: A Team Approach

Instructors: Art Director: Nate Fredenberg; Director: Jimmy Almedia; Director: Tom Gibbons; Course Coordinator: Rick Vertolli
Prerequisite: ANIMA 200 (Animation 2), ANIMA 320 (3D Animation 2), and instructor approval
May 20-June 14, Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Film making is a collaborative process! Students need more than an understanding of the principles of animation. They must be able to work together as a team member in a studio environment.

The focus of this four-week intensive summer workshop is on working in partnership with leading animators to create a "real-world" production experience. Under the direction of CCA faculty and animators from Tippet Studio, students work on a collaborative animation project. They proceed through each stage of the production pipeline, from pre-visualization, animation, lighting and compositing. The goal is to create a finished animated short that showcases their talents as an animation professional. Please note that this class begins at the production stage. The pre-production phase will have been completed by the Directors for this course (story, storyboards, character development). Each student leaves with a copy of the animation to include in their demo real.

Time Commitment
This course entails a full-time commitment for the 4-weeks of the class. Students are expected to work all day, 6 days a week. During the day, students are in production with the course coordinator and support faculty. In the evenings they have dailies with the Directors, in person, and through Skype.

Approval Process
Students must be approved to register for this workshop. They will be selected based on resume and portfolio. To apply, please email your resume and portfolio to Rick Vertolli or mail to Rick Vertolli, Animation Program, 5212 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618. The portfolio should be submitted with a link to a website or on a DVD.

Submission deadline: Thursday, March 21
Notification deadline: Tuesday, April 2

This course satisfies an Animation Workshop, Animation Tutorial, Animation Internship, or a studio elective.

Nate Fredenberg, CCA Alumni, CCA Mentoring Program
Art Director, 2007-Present, Tippett Studio. Sets and maintains the look of characters, creatures, props and environments for VFX shots. Works closely with model and paint to achieve desired look. Maintains look consistency with TDs once 3D models go into lighting. Helps with hiring and specking tools for R&D.
Senior CG Painter, 2002-2007, Tippett Studio. Painted texture maps and created surface look for c.g. models. Trained new painters & assisted with Art Department R&D.
Credits include Matrix Revolutions, Stepford Wives, Constantine, Sirius XM Radio, Charlotte’s Web.

Jimmy Almeida, CCA Visiting Artist
Character Animator, 2010-Present, Tippett Studio
Lead Animator, 2008-2010, ImageMovers Digital
Animation Director, 2007-2008, Autumnmoon Entertainment
Animator, 2006-2007, Industrial Light and Magic
Motion Capture Studio Director, 2003-2006, Midway Games
Animation Director, 2001-2006, Midway Home Entertainment
Credits include Ted, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, The Smurfs, Mars Needs Moms, A Christmas Carol, Happy Feet, Ant Bully, Transformers

Tom Gibbons, CCA Visiting Artist
Animation Supervisor, 2004-Present, Tippett Studio
Animation Supervisor, 2001-2004, ESC Entertainment
Credits include Twilight Saga, Immortals, Drag Me to Hell, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, BladeII, Hollow Man, My Favorite Martian, Virus, James and the Giant Peach, The Matrix