The Artist's Studio Series: Sarah Thibault

Sarah Thibault (MFA 2011)

I have a studio in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s on the second floor of a large warehouse, along with Recchiuti chocolates and the graduate studios of the San Francisco Art Institute. Most days the hallway smells like a combination of chocolate and paint.

The studio itself is a cubicle-type space in a larger room that houses a woodshop, a fire escape, and five other studio/cubicles. I share my studio with the fashion designer Robin Ward. We each get half, split down the middle. I have a desk and a tiered organizer in the corner and one long wall to hang work on.

Except for a sketchbook that I keep at home, I store all my materials at the studio: printed photographs, art books, brushes, canvas, rolls of paper, paints, pastels, powders, pencils and pens, solvents, spray cans, an airbrush, clip lights, old work, raisins, peanut butter, bread, painting clothes, extra socks, cleaning supplies, tea, and instant coffee.

I see my studio as a place of action where I can experiment and produce new work. It can get pretty messy at times, so I like to do the bulk of my planning and research elsewhere.

The Artist's Studio

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Photography by Andria Lo