CCA Architecture Snags 10 Awards at 2013 AIASF Awards

AIASF winners Matt Adams (MArch 2011) and Liz Lessig (MArch 2012)

It was a CCA lovefest at the AIA San Francisco Design Awards 2013 on Thursday evening, April 25.

Every year AIASF and the local architectural community gather to celebrate exceptional projects. The gala honors the best of Bay Area architectural design and recognizes achievement in a broad range of architectural work.

CCA Architecture faculty, students, and alumni did extremely well, receiving 10 awards, including six out of seven of the Interior Architecture Awards:

Our students and alumni also won three out of four Unbuilt Architecture Awards, which is a professional (and not a student) category:

  • Honor Award to Matt Adams (MArch 2011) for his thesis project
  • Merit Award to Aubrey Davidson (MArch 2013) and Anesta Iwan (BArch 2013) for their Comprehensive Building Design project from fall 2012
  • Citation Award to Liz Lessig (MArch 2012) for her thesis project from spring 2012

CCA Director of Campus Planning David Meckel also received a commendation / special achievement award. He was honored for "connecting architects and designers, young and old, building bridges across the generations and the design disciplines" and for his mentorship of young architects and designers.