Alisa Golden and more: Star 82 Review issue 1

Star 82 Review issue 1
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013
Paperback, 44 pages, $9.95

Printmaking faculty member Alisa Golden has started an online and print-on-demand art and literary publication called Star 82 Review. The inaugural issue includes poems by two CCA faculty members, Stephen Ajay and Hugh Behm-Steinberg, as well as pieces from alumni Leonard Crosby (MFA Writing 2012), Lisa Kokin (BFA 1989, MFA 1994), and Rachel Smith (Illustration 2010).

Golden says: "In this issue, memory shimmers and vision lights up. Conflicts arise and are met. Words dance and talk and sing through childhood and beyond. We have objects of wonder that are pivots for the works: ruler, pineapple. baseball, pencil sharpener, knife, scarecrow, wallpaper, half of a twenty dollar bill, and more. The categories included are: flash, postcard lit, art post images, and erasure texts.

"Issue 1.1 contains fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, poems, photographs, a reimagined and altered text, stories accompanied by photographs, and small paintings that look like postage stamps. The Romantic poet Novalis is often quoted as saying that we become aware of the magic in the world by seeing the strange as familiar and the familiar as strange, among other things. The pieces presented in Star 82 Review show us the magic."

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