Arielle Coupe: 2013 Kala Art Institute Artist-in-Residence Awardee

Wellhole and the Rope (video still)

California College of the Arts alumna Arielle Coupe (BFA Printmaking 2013) was awarded a 2013 Hamaguchi Emerging Artist Residency at Kala.

The artist in residence at Kala Art Institute is funded by the Hamaguchi Endowment for the advancement of printmaking at CCA and by the Kala Art Institute.

The award represents a rich collaboration between the two institutions that creates a special opportunity for a recent BFA Printmaking graduate to work in the dynamic Kala facilities with a community of artists from all over the world.

While studying printmaking at CCA, Coupe began to develop a visual language inspired by a desire to record her life experiences and explore her affinity for miniatures.

Unique Artistic Approach

“Reorganizing images from my past experiences to create new interior and exterior landscapes is a way for me to visually document my life. Working small scale becomes important, allowing the viewer to have an intimate experience. Miniature scenes draw a person closer, engulfing the senses.

"Not only does one feel a part of the miniature when viewing it up close, but also distant and removed when standing back. The opposing viewpoints of feeling intimately involved and well removed at the same time gives each piece an undertone of omnipotence.”

Traditional Printmaking Practice

“I have a strong commitment to traditional techniques,"Coupe explains. "My art practice combines my small imagery with the techniques of printmaking, allowing the craft to inform my decision making and extend past the boundaries of the individual mediums.

"For example, I take the traditional mezzotint out of its expected context of a framed print behind glass and transform it into a miniature installation scene.”

The Multiple In Multiple Contexts

“I am inspired to use my prints in inventive ways, such as merging them with mixed materials for collaging, making animations, and creating flip-books. Multiple images reoccur again and again, as other materials and symbols weave in and out. The print becomes a fixed point the viewer can attach themselves to for familiarity.”

Other Accomplishments

Coupe received CCA's prestigious Hamaguchi Printmaking Scholarship Award (aka the Hamaguchi Award) in 2011 and 2012, which includes being featured in an accompanying exhibition.

She has interned with Electric Works in San Francisco, Second State Press in Philadelphia, Bay Area-based artist Monica Caniloa, and after her residency at Kala, she plans to intern with Oehme Graphics in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.